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Certified CEO Training Program - A great starting point to your leadership journey

Author:, April 7, 2022/Categories: Blogs

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Leaders – Born or Made? This is perhaps one of the most often-asked question about leadership. The work environment is constantly evolving and in order to keep up with these changes, an organization needs a leader capable of adapting to change and ensuring that the organization thrives in every circumstance. In order to equip the executive staff of organizations with the necessary skills to achieve this seamlessly, certified CEO training programs also need to be constantly evolving and stay ahead of the curve. A good and relevant executive training program recognizes the benefits of having a CEO who is capable of handling and thriving in this VUCA world and hence focuses on newer training techniques rather than plain old skills refreshers.

Leaders today first need to focus on their own self growth and prioritize self-development before contributing to the organization’s growth. By honing their own skills and having a relevant skillset they ensure that their organization grows in the desired direction and achieves success. Over the last couple of years, not only have the key requirements and expectations from a CEO changed, but also the method of operation has undergone a transformation. Good CEO search services recognize this change well and have altered their techniques and methodology accordingly to deliver this.

CEOs of today and tomorrow constantly operate in an environment fueled by slowing world economy and volatile geopolitical situations that come with it. The focus has shifted greatly to environmental, social, and corporate governance issues which come with added responsibility. It is far more important for an executive leader to now take into account not only all stakeholders but also employees at every level while calling the shots, which is somewhat a challenge in itself. Technology is changing as we speak in manners, we can’t even fathom yet. CEO search services also acknowledge that this change requires leaders need to be well versed with data analytics and machine learning in order to come up with more progressive and beneficial business models that help the organization stay innovative and relevant.

Traditional left skills such as logic or technical expertise no longer make the cut when it comes to CEO candidates. Today, people oriented skills, high EQ along with other softer right brain attributes are just as necessary. Along with the correct skillset, our CEO search services also focuses on finding and developing candidates that have the right attitude. Since CEOs are constantly learning on the job, they need the right attitude towards adaptability and change. One needs to be open minded and have the capability to self-introspect from time to time in order to correct possible errors in decision making amongst other aspects. CEO recruiters now focus on the candidates developing the right mindset to ensure it’s in sync with the company’s vision. A good EQ helps significantly in building a team that feels empowered enough to work towards the overall growth of the organization in all relevant aspects.

It’s important that CEOs of today are trained for the job rather than just falling into it merely after years of experience followed by a generous promotion. Our CEO Institute offers Certified CEO Training Program that gives a head start to an individual’s learning journey. To know more about the program and our services like leadership coaching, professional hiring, management consulting, reach out to us at

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