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  • India – The new R&D hub for Automotive

    Taplow India have conducted an in-depth review of the Automotive sector in India, For further information contact Sangeeta Sabharwal, India

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  • Maysam Rizvi reviews the Banking Tech Revolution.

    Capital is more expensive, costs are higher and prices have gone down… the technology revolution has become a necessity.

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  • EVOLVING BUSINESS UNITS Market Access thus becoming “transversal”

    The pharmaceutical market, in regards to the price component covered by the NHS, has been, until today, characterised by the presence of drugs of high therapeutic value, such as cancer-drugs, rheumatologic drugs, anti-infection drugs and drugs for the treatment of chronic illnesses, the vast majority of which have either seen their patent expire recently or will see it expire in the next two years.

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    Present Human Capital Opportunities and Challenges:

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