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Hiring an Executive Interim Manager is an efficient solution from The Taplow Group partners to support companies undertaking transformation, crisis management, business turnaround and growth projects.

Our executive interim solution can be relevant in a variety of contexts, such as board member vacancies, projects such as transformation or restructuring to strategic implementation, where a company either lacks the required skill set or time to work on defined projects.

It is the immediate provision of a interim senior executive expert to manage a mission for a per-determinate period. The aim is to bring a quick and affordable operational solution to our clients, locally or internationally within corporate or public service sectors.  Executive Interim’s bring expertise and focus to projects.

With Taplow Interim Executive Management expertise and clear methodologies, we guide clients in regard to defining the goals, by gaining an in-depth understanding of their situation. We have access to many Interim executive who choose to only work on interim projects, indeed recent surveys show that career interim's on avarage have spent an average being 10.4 years within the interim sector.

Timescales between receiving the job brief to an interim executive starts projects are minimized by our dedicated consultants, having a wide network of interim executives. Building on our wide network of candidates and assessment techniques, we are able to locate speedily and introduce to clients, the right high-skilled executive interim to advise, develop and deliver on the companies requirements.

We meticulously keep the mission under review, while ensuring its continuity, success, and effectiveness. Our abilities are  based on solid values and a world-wide and recognized know-how,  local and international expert consultants and a wide range of high skilled interim personnel ready to transform and deliver on our client’s goals.



A major French Dairy company was looking for Plant head in Japan. Because of the plant location and nCoV so there was no local applicant for this position. Finally, Japan MD had decided to hire interim plant head for this position and coach Quality head to be the successor of future plant head.

The interim plant head must be willing to learn local culture because 90% of employees are Japanese. On the other hand, the plant was undergoing a Capex project to renew plant facility and increased production capacity.

After mapping, we found a French gentleman who just came from Nestle Europe and followed family relocation to Japan. This is a senior operation expert and knew plant process from A to Z.

After 6 months tenure, the interim plant head had successfully built up the reputation in the team and helped quality head to be the successor.

For Further information contact Mike Lee, China



Our client is a French subsidiary from a German industrial group in which the Human Resources Director position is vacant for over 8 months.

They have functional, strategical, and serious human capital issues. In a peaceful social context, crews are suffering, and governance is asking for redefining the HR organization to restore HR performance.

We selected an overskilled manager to operate within the HR division, to strengthen the competencies and reassure the plants team to allow afterwards the recruitment of a permanent HRD.

The client was supported throughout its HR Division function by a mentoring of the human resources managers by a very skilled expert. Plans are set-up, processes clarified and implemented, the entire workforce relieved.

The aim was reached, and a sustainable HR function performance achieved.

For further information contact Marine Libourel, France



An organisation was established by Australian Government as an independent agency responsible for developing the startup ecosystem, a globally connected startup ecosystem.

The aim is to build a startup ecosystem that can strengthen the economy, encourage more people to work with and for startups. The role is to drive the long-term success of startup ecosystem recognising the valuable contribution successful startups have on the economy through the creation of high value jobs and gross revenue. Taplow Australia were asked to secure the executive responsible for Stakeholder Engagement and Relationship Management, Communication and the establishment functions lead and support for this agency on an interim basis.

Taplow Australia secured an independent executive within one week to develop, implement and monitor the Stakeholder Engagement and Strategy for the agency, ensuring plans were in place and actioned as necessary. They provided the tools, education and communications to internal and external stakeholders to support them and ensure that they received communications to support their engagement and other government stakeholders.

The key person was engaged in the provision of the services to meet the requirements to assist the CEO for the establishment of the agency.

The outcome was Taplow Australia assisted the CEO with stakeholder engagement and the development of a broader strategy for the agency to discharge immediate priorities of the agency in its setup phase as directed by the CEO.

This interim executive provided these services immediately for a period of 8 months.

For Further information contact Ian Stacy, Australia



Regarding the huge transformation of the worldwide automotive industry with the arrival of the emectric technology, our client, a tier-one automotive supplier needs to redefine its R&D division.

To support the transformation phase by training R&D teams in the change processes. Implementing clear methods and process for the operational excellence. Draw and design future challenges and innovations projects.

All driven by an operational and highly skilled R&D manager with a strong background in the aeronautic and automotive industries.

A totally new R&D organization has been settled with regarding new products launching a sensitive reduction of the time to market.

For further information contact Marine Libourel, France



Multiple manufacturing sites in the UK required work to bespoke the clients ERP system, The Interim placed undertook a 6-month project to plan, test and upgrade the clients’ systems. The project was such a success, the client asked the Interim to remain for a further 6 months to undertake the same projects across 6 European manufacturing sites.

For Further information contact Mark Firth, UK




A significant Australian dairy processor required a Stakeholder Engagement and Change Management Lead support for a Capital Restructure project. This was a project-based responsibility for 90 – 120 days. The person required needed to have high credibility and knowledge of the Australian dairy industry.

Taplow Australia were briefed to secure a person who could develop, implement and monitor the Supplier Engagement and Change Strategy for the Capital Restructure Project and to provide the tools, education and communications to internal stakeholders to support them through the change process and ensure that they are adequately equipped to support suppliers and other stakeholders. Stakeholders included farmers and suppliers of rural produce including milk, rural professionals, bankers, accountants, lawyers, regional staff and other staff.

Taplow Australia were able to secure an executive for the successful engagement with supplier and key stakeholders, to increase supplier confidence and the success of the Capital Restructure project. This executive developed the supplier engagement and change management strategy, including the detailed project plan. They also identified pockets of concerns and ensured mitigation plans were actioned and effective and created the engagement database to identify stakeholder readiness and ensure a centralised live accurate profile to assess and gauge the successful future capital restructure.

For further information contact Ian Stacy, Australia


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