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Technology impacts every area of our lives; ICT covers a diverse range of commercial transactions relating to the buying, selling, using and outsourcing of technology and communications goods and services. ICT also generally encompasses a variety of regulatory and consumer protection work such as data protection and data security.


Clients seek to utilize technology in numerous ways, internally to aid communication and productivity and externally to connect seamlessly with clients and potential new markets, it is the fasted moving sector in industry and companies need to be able to cope with an evolving and complex market.


Our ICT team can assist companies to challenge their business processes and find a key individual, teams or potential acquisitions to meet their aspirations. Many of our partners have had a successful career in corporate ICT and understand the idiosyncrasies of the sector.


We collaborate seamlessly to ensure quick and innovative solutions within many areas of ICT. Our clients range from incubator companies, emerging market and investor backed organizations to global ICT companies.


Taplow research capability and assessment skills stand out in this challenging sector.  Taplow partners have resources around the world with success in support these businesses from emergence to maturity.




A Danish digital provider was bought in 2015 by a USA Digital Transformation company the company asked us to find 2 key management people CEO and a Global VP of Sales. Both projects were completed in 8 weeks from the 1st meeting.

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For further information please contact Christian Rolin, Denmark



Security software vendor and Data Host Center for major Nordic Banks and institutions but split into 4 smaller entities.

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For further information please contact Christian Rolin, Denmark



A major mobile/ broadcasting company reorganized the entire company with a new management team, and split the market into 1) B2B professional market, and 2) the huge private market for TV / broadcasting, network etc.

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For further information please contact Mark Firth, UK


Transformation and Reorganization

Our client is a globally operating technology company with HQ in Finland. In a transformation and reorganization process they faced a need to have local country HR and Finance managers in several European countries.

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For more information, contact Senior Partner Timo Toivanen, Finland



Our client is a globally operating tech company with HQ in Finland and it has offices in Silicon Valley and Asia. It is a growth company that consolidates its industries local small offices under one

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For more information, contact Managing Partner Timo Jäntti, Finland


Board Hiring for Technology & Manufacturing Company

The client case was to search board members to 2 different clients. Both companies are representing the ICT-sector.

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For more information, contact Senior Partner Kristina Metso, Finland

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