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Board members and CEO’s globally face issues of governance and leadership on a daily basis.  Cohesive boards ensure an organization is successful and developing into new sectors and economies.  At Taplow, we recognize the need for the board to have a partner who augments, challenges, and advises them, not only on recruitment and retention, but who can also add value to the management team in numerous ways including:

  • Board recruitment and retention.
  • Executive assessment of board members and as a team.
  • Advise on corporate governance, locally and Internationally.
  • Challenging Strategies and Innovation Processes.
  • Assistance on market research and acquisitions.
  • Competitor analysis.

Taplow partners have a wealth of commercial management experience and are able to develop innovative solutions to complex issues. Many of our partners have held senior divisional and board level roles prior to joining Taplow. In particular, we understand the commercial complexities of a global business or one that is expanding outside of its own borders.

Our global abilities span 6 continents and 74 Countries




A local web development company launched an app, within days it was number 1 on the iTunes download chart and demand went global overnight. Our local Taplow partner worked with the company placing many senior executives into the organization. However a tipping point was reached where local talent could not meet the demands the companies clients and consumers were placing on them.

Our local partner worked with the board in developing a growth plan, timelines and priorities were set, the partner brought in his global Taplow partners, they worked seamlessly in a manner the client had previously experienced and opened offices in North America, Asia, Europe and the UK.

The Company has key strategic locations that enable them to attract local and global talent, at the same time we have ensured the companies culture and vision has been enhanced rather than homogenised. Taplow has successfully recruited senior people that have added to the companies’ ability to be affective on the global stage.

For further Information contact Mark Firth, UK and Timo Toivanen, Finland



A FTSE 250 organization within the publishing and media sector. The company had grown since its active founders established the business in the North of the UK in the 1960’s. A mixture of organic and acquisition growth now led to an international company still led by the founders with 8 divisions in the organization.

The chairman and the board was concerned about succession at the top of their business, they found that their success over the years had made them a target for poaching of their middle management people by competitors. We worked with the board to structure a plan to attract, develop and retain talent that would have a pathway mapped to board positions.

Working with 5 of the world’s top MBA schools, we identified a number of potential candidates, they went through a series of on boarding processes and 8 candidates were chosen to join the company. Over the next 5 years those candidates took up senior management positions within the divisions and moved into new roles every 18 months to ensure they had a wide knowledge bank of experiences. Each candidate then took up a general manager role in a division and at this time all 8 are on the main board of the company taking over from a founder as they retire or cut back on workloads.

For further Information contact Mark Firth, UK



The working environment and the leadership culture of today have been transformed by the digital revolution. For executives, this results in a new and complex set of required attributes.

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For further information contact Andreas Köchling, Germany

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