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Owning, occupying, developing, building, leasing, investing in, and buying and selling Real Assets requires specialized expertise, as do the organizations and people who are managing them. Over the last several decades delivering real estate services to diverse and demanding clients has been getting tougher.  Everyone involved in the business has seen major industry and economic changes.  But not unlike the rest of corporate world, the real estate industry has not always kept pace.


Our consultants and advisors have demonstrated thought leadership in providing groundbreaking approaches and tangible results for clients, like you, who are focused on levering the utility real estate assets to produce enhanced business results.  Our thinking and solutions focus not only optimizing the value of the assets or use of assets but including the value of enhanced productivity for end users and owner/investors who are simultaneously challenged by the issues inherent in developing and motivating effective teams during turbulent times.


Today, the high value and cost of real assets requires new management models that leverage your investment both financially and operationally.  The basic requirements of good people with the right competencies in the right places doing the right things at the right times for the right rewards is no longer enough. It may sound complicated, but there are approaches to assure that organizations can thrive during good times and still survive the inevitable cyclical down turns. To help our clients succeed, we use best practices that are based on our hands-on experience with companies around the world in all aspects of real asset enterprises.


Some of the common issues we help our clients manage include:

How to improve a current leadership and management team that is mostly “home grown,” with little external experience in real estate management, organizational design, staffing, or reward management?

You view your industry as “different,” with special needs, and you believe that outsiders (consultants like us) try to overcomplicate it and use solutions from other (irrelevant) situations.

Meeting the bottom line goal is getting tougher and previous strategies aren’t working.

You have team members who have succeeded in the past and they can execute your plans, but they don’t always see the strategic issues and rarely contribute a new idea that truly breaks through the clutter and moves the enterprise forward.


We have the experience to help you plan and implement significant improvements to your business. From our extensive observations and experience, we have learned to understand the scenarios that work best for each player in the real estate and real asset business. We know how to determine requirements for operations, transactions, capital planning, risk management, and more; and, we look at our clients’ businesses from every perspective (owner, operator, manager, staff, customer, user, and regulator), assess the organization (today’s structure and tomorrow’s opportunities), and evaluate the people (those who are there now and those you should have or wish you had on board).


Most important, we know the best practices for managing your human capital to succeed against the above challenges.  We can help you decide where and when to:

Replace or upgrade.


We know our approach works and we know why: because we don’t use a cookie cutter approach; we apply our experience to your specific needs.  We don’t settle for easy answers and we don’t think it will be easy. We can work with you on one key hire or position upgrade, or we can help you reorganize the structure, process, and rewards for your team.




Our client an exceptionally successful top tier private equity firm – a specialist in European commercial property.  One of the founders, however, was considering retiring.

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For further information please contact Steve Schrenzel, USA



Our client is a global Real Estate investment manager with an excellent reputation in the market. They needed to fast track a product solution offering into new markets.

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For further information please contact Steve Schrenzel, USA



A well-known and well respected professional service firm with an unrivalled reputation in the Real Estate operations and technology business was increasing being sought out by non-North American clients. 

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For further information please contact Steve Schrenzel, USA

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