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Innovation and development along with competition and collaboration combine to assure timely delivery of products and services that enhance the quality of life of people across the globe.


While having many of the same characteristics as other manufacturing and service businesses, the accuracy and urgency inherent in the area of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences requires special talents. 


The sector is well recognized as having a talent shortfall and also for having exceptionally long lead times for new staff to develop the necessary expertise to be effective in these complex situations.  Never before has the ability of talent to work or move across borders been as much of a force as it is today and inherently competition for talent continues to intensify.


Taplow partners work in a collaborative manner to ensure we look beyond the obvious to enable clients to attract, retain and develop key personnel that will add value and creativeness to a clients company. Those clients include established companies, start ups and incubator companies that seek to develop and grow in a highly competitive marketplace.



Consumer Health;
Health Care Finance & Administration;
Life sciences;
Pharmaceutical Manufacturer;
Medical Devices;


Our unique positioning in these markets enables our team to exercise a particularly broad reach for this talent as well as having the ability to pinpoint where the best talent sources are likely to be found.  Combining our reach with a profound understanding of this market, our team is enhancing the growth of our clients in this particularly challenging sector.


All of our partner offices have access to experienced recruiters in each branch of this practice area, particularly for the highly nuanced requirements of emerging and growth businesses. Taplow partners work in unison to enable you to achieve your goals by providing senior talent in a timely and cost effective manner.




Our client is a highly successful USA based company in the dental sector. Whilst they had distributor agreements in place for key European countries, they were not successful. There sought to find their 1st European direct employee to develop a development strategy and implement it in a timely manner. Seeking out candidates in a competitive market who probably had not heard of our client was challenging, we identified candidates across Europe and the client interviewed people from France, Germany, Scandinavia and the UK.

They choose the UK candidate who was with the worlds largest dental consumer products company. He has established the company in Northern Europe and the UK within 3 years, the strategy he established for the rollout of the company has been successfully adopted in Asia and Latin America.

For further information contact Mark Firth, UK



An established research company had a need to re-establish itself in a market that had grown and developed whilst they had not. Known through out the sector people had a perception of them that needed refocusing. The company had found it difficult to attract new talent and when reviewing why, we found they had a story that was not being communicated. Once developed we approached candidates from 3 continents and found engagement and interest in what was required.

The client did not interview in the traditional manner but we developed a series of conversations that focused on key business critical areas and the client and candidates engaged in discussions. Through this process, the client and candidates could see the areas of agreement quickly and this led to the company hiring 3 key people into senior management roles that has led to a re-emergence of the company and their place in the market is secure and redefined. 

For further information contact Mark Firth, UK

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