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Virtually all aspects of economic activity can be carried out globally.  Lowest cost of goods drives decision-making. Bringing together all aspects of raw material supply, capital expenditure, professional expertise, labour and distribution is one of the most challenging aspects of global management.


Industries that traditionally were local are growing to become international players in 2016. This includes building and road construction. Also car- and airline manufacturing often involves more than one country.


Integrating all the supply chain issues with your professional expertise advantages such as design and engineering requires a thoughtful approach.


Gaining competitive advantage requires experts who have unique expertise in specific industries and products as well as exceptional situational awareness and the ability to develop unique solutions that create barriers to entry, an intellectual moat that assures a sustainable advantage.



Raw Materials
Diversified Utilities
Construction & Infrastructure
Agri business
Logistics & Transportation;
Energy exploration, production and distribution


All of our partner offices have access to experienced recruiters in each of this practice area, particularly for the highly nuanced requirements of emerging and growth businesses. Taplow partners work in unison to enable you to achieve your goals by providing senior talent in a timely and cost effective manner.  



Taplow has developed and continues to develop leading edge expertise in enabling our clients to find, hire, and develop uniquely capable executives and professionals for these dynamic businesses.


Taplow consultants are exceptionally aware of the attributes that enable Industrial related businesses to hire professionals who will assess, assimilate and act to provide our clients with a long-term competitive advantage.



A search for an international production manager. The client has its HQ in Norway, and designs and sells high-end sports-equipment, such as helmets and other kind of protective gear. The actual manufacturing of our clients product are to a large degree done in other countries, and the raw material is often purchased in yet other countries. Thus actual residence for the new production manager was less important, whereas understanding of logistics and ability to negotiate in different cultures were essential.

The extraordinary scope of The Taplow Group was an important element of a successful hire. In 2013 a European Energy production company approached The Taplow Group to assist in searching for plant managers and project directors in 9 countries at 3 continents. The company is building hydro-energy production plants, running them for 18 to 36 months, before selling the plant to local government or companies. The project managers were most of the time recruited from other countries than were the plant were to be built, whereas the plant manager who were hired some 3 to 6 months into the project, often were local. The president of our client argued later that only 3 or 4 search companies would have the ability to present what That Taplow Group did

For further information  contact Hans Holter Sorensen, Norway



In this case, our client is one of India’s most efficient cement companies. With a focus on resilience and durability, the quality of the company’s products has created benchmarks in the industry. It is one of the cement companies to be awarded the prestigious TPM (Total Plant Maintenance) excellence award by the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance. The company has also received numerous awards for green and safety practices.

They were looking to move from being a transactional to a more strategic Procurement and Supply Chain organization. To achieve this kind of growth they were looking to hire a seasoned strategic procurement and supply chain professional with exposure to procurement of all key commodities from local and foreign markets, development of vendors and sourcing globally.

Our search strategy and decided to look at companies which had seen growth through Greenfield/ Brownfield expansion or through M&A. The new list of candidates which emerged from the mapping list looked impressive. After multiple conversations and interactions with the relevant candidates we presented the final list to the client. The interested ones were met by the leadership team and were made aware of the complexities of the mandate. The final candidate was given a better and detailed understanding and was made an offer. While the MD met up with candidates from the Cement and other relevant industries as well, the offer went to someone who was heading Strategic Procurement for a global cement giant.

For further information contact Sangeeta Sabharwal, India



In this case, our client is a partner to the international automobile industry and delivers its products to about 70 automotive manufacturers and more than 30 suppliers. Approximately 20,000 employees work for them at more than 50 locations in 20+ countries on all major automotive markets worldwide. They generated sales of multi billion euros in the fiscal year 2015-16, and are one of biggest automotive suppliers worldwide.

We started the candidate search by mapping the entire auto components industry in India. Since the role required hiring the President for the India Region we started looking at similar level of people from competitor companies. The client had indicated that they wanted the current President to be a part of the interview panel in India along with their Global Head HR. Our Managing Partner convinced the client to be part of the panel so that the outcome was seen as fair and unbiased. 

For further information contact Sangeeta Sabharwal, India

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