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Why do we need to talk about succession planning!

Author:, December 26, 2021/Categories: Blogs

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Succession planning ensures the continuity of a business even in the absence of the present leaders or owners. It requires the identification of key positions and accordingly their replacements well in advance so that the business or enterprise does not go into chaos when the present leadership steps down. Succession planning is imperative for any kind of business, be it a big enterprise or a small start-up, or a family-owned business.

In the absence of a full-proof succession plan, a business may lose reputation, client-base, investor support, and stakeholder sentiments. The absence of a leader brings in instability and disruption, throwing everyone out of gear. When you have a plan in place, the transition becomes smooth, business operations aren’t hampered, and the flow of wealth continues. Secondly, it helps to retain investors' and stakeholders’ confidence and trust in the business. In difficult times, without proper leadership, investors might lose confidence and an entire business might just crumble and die. At the same time, think about the goodwill or the reputation in the market; they remain intact when your business operations continue like old times.

Now, the process should not initiate when a leader or a top executive becomes incapable. It should start well in advance. Figure out the potential candidates and talk with the respective stakeholders, board of directors, and other senior leaders. Ensure that there is a smooth transition, and the new leader easily aligns with the organization’s culture, values, and vision.

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