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Unlock The Secrets to a Great CEO Selection with Our CEO Search Services

Author:, December 17, 2021/Categories: Blogs

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What can be the worst disaster for your organization? Missing out on selecting the best CEO or having the wrong person heading the organization. The results can be catastrophic and difficult to recover. Look around the world, why do you see some boards struggle to find their leader while others excel? The board with its skills and mentoring is not enough, you need specialized CEO search services to unlock the secrets of CEO selection.

The secret sauce to great CEO selection is simple. It is built on four fundamental spices starting with a clear view of the essential skills required in the new CEO. The second spice is having an open mind; at times you would not find the best match from your so-called pool of candidates and having an open mind about where the CEO is coming from definitely helps. You need to go deeper and deeper to determine the fit for the next CEO. A superficial analysis will never do the job and finally have room for accepting imperfections. Every CEO has some open flanks, but they can be stitched together with
certified CEO training programs.

Find the pivot

Start with a clear understanding of the needs of the company, the present business landscape, competition, and other external factors. This would help you to narrow down to the essential capabilities that are intertwined together and are necessary for the new leader to succeed. Every situation, every industry is different – the pivot for the retail industry can be consumer experience, for automotive it can be knowledge about OEMs and smart manufacturing, while for the entertainment sector it can be the command over digital assets.

Have an open mind

The experts at our CEO search services always keep an open mind. Your viewpoint and parameters can change from one situation to another and hence your initial list can never become the de-facto reference point. Be open to new candidates, candidates with different skills and experience that might become tremendously relevant in the coming future. You must strive for objectivity and not fixate on the front-runners only.

Go deep on finding the right match

When you are down to the last 2-3 candidates, it is not about the best candidate, it is about the best fit. Great CEO recruiters have their pivots clearly defined allowing them to go deep into the interview/conversation with the candidate. Post-interview they brainstorm and debate and question the rationale of the other. Have multiple interviews if needed but make sure that all the roads are leading to Rome, towards the best fit, the right match for your CEO position.

Be patient with imperfections

Every CEO has some open ends, you cannot expect anyone to be 100% perfect. But with the right set of certified CEO training programs, one can close the gaps. But you need to be open and allow imperfections to come in, at the same time device ways to allow the person to close them quickly. Finding a great CEO is a difficult job, but if you have the best CEO search services with you, then there is little to worry about.

At The Taplow Group we help you source the best-fit for your organization’s leadership through our executive search consultants. To know more about our services like leadership coaching, professional hiring, management consulting, reach out to us at

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