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Training and Coaching Can Help Build Professional Readiness and Resilience in Gen Z

Author:, April 11, 2022/Categories: Blogs

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Gen Z comprises of young adults, the oldest of whom will turn 23 this year. According to LHH's Readiness Index, this generation has severe work and career related anxiety as the onset of their respective careers and first jobs have been in a hybrid working environment and thus the lack of in-person connections. This anxiety stems from uncertainty about their skillsets and confusion about how to correctly utilize them.

Thanks to the huge upheaval in the work environment in the last 2 years, majority of Gen Z has never had the opportunity to experience a physical work environment and fails to prosper from the WFH model unlike senior and more experienced professionals. Working from an office is a far more superior and wholesome working environment for those just starting out as it presents young individuals with the opportunity to witness the magic happen and build meaningful connections with their peers and managers. It’s extremely difficult to translate the same learning experience via zoom calls and email thread communications. Earlier, career trainings were reserved mostly for senior management and future leaders. However, the need of the hour is to train this plethora of fresh talent that is beginning their professional journeys in such an uncertain environment.

LHH's Readiness Index also states that 34% of the population between 18 and 24 were insecure of their existing skillset adding value to their roles, 33% were confused about what the next step is in their career growth and an alarming 55% were unable to figure out how to take the next step. Career training at an early stage will not just help relieve career related anxiety but also provide the much-needed guidance on how to utilize their skillsets and navigate their career paths.

A lot of experienced and successful people are often found pondering how their careers and work life would’ve shaped had they been provided career training in the beginning. In order to avoid making the same mistakes with Gen Z, career training is a must to raise awareness, decrease and manage stress level by increasing knowledge, which in turn will translate to individuals discovering and honing their skills, developing resilience, grit and tenacity that will help them in the long run.

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