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The Rise Of Artificial Intelligence and Executive Search Consultants

Author: Social Media/Wednesday, April 28, 2021/Categories: Blogs

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‘Artificial Intelligence’ seems to be the focus in many business sectors. Technology is transforming the way business is now conducted. Virtual meetings from the comfort of the home have replaced formal meetings. Digital technology has impacted every sphere of life, every industry, and business. AI is allowing a machine to replicate cognitive abilities found in human beings to make tasks easier, effective, and efficient. We agree, that it has transformed the manufacturing, medical, retail, and multiple other sectors, but what about those areas that require extensive human intervention like consulting, law, or recruitment?

Artificial Intelligence is assisting executive search consultants:

Draw insights from trends and patterns
Artificial Intelligence would help you to get excellent insights from past data trends and patterns. For example – the average tenure of a CTO in an organization in the retail sector is 3 years. This means that you could start reaching out to potential candidates once they have completed 2.5 years of service. Similarly, a lot of insights can be drawn from past data. What are the top qualities for CFOs? What are the top challenges that a CEO faces? Data analysis can provide the answer to all these questions.

Predict the most suitable fit
Executive search services assisting accuracy with machine learning algorithms predicting the best-suited candidates. Technology will also aid in defining the role and job description. AI would narrow down the search and bring to you those candidates who are most suitable for the position. This saves a lot of time in the entire hiring process.

Suggest the best compensation
The artificial intelligence machines and devices have data about compensations and benefits being offered for a similar role in the industry. It would help you decide on the compensation and hence gives you more information when you go into salary negotiations.

Why Artificial Intelligence cannot replace executive search management consulting?
AI can aid the executive search services but can never replace executive recruitment consultants. Executive search is for C-suite, senior management, or positions that determine the strategic missions for the organizations. In many cases, even the CVs are not considered and direct interviews are scheduled. Human interaction is essential for executive search and it is the human mind that would probe beyond the roles, titles, and skills. It is the human mind that would determine the cultural and organizational fit. Executive search consultants have thorough knowledge about the industry trends, the current challenges, and opportunities and this knowledge combined with the experience would help in finding the best talent for the top managerial positions in the organization.

Thus, artificial intelligence would no doubt make the job easier for an executive recruitment consultant but can never replace the human factor in these services. The human factor would always remain the most crucial element in the search process. It is the inputs and analysis that assist a consultant. You would still need expert to interpret the trends and find the best-suited talent for the organization.

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