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The Hybrid Model is Here to Stay

Author:, March 8, 2022/Categories: Blogs

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The last two years have brought in radical disruptions to human life and the way we work. As the business world is trying to offset the impact of the events of the last couple of years, concerns around the mode of work have emerged. Will it be work from the office like earlier times, completely remote, or a hybrid model?

The remote working has enhanced productivity for employees, helped them stay closer and more connected with family members, and save time on commuting. However, work from home has introduced ‘zoom fatigue’, created disconnects between colleagues, and has made it difficult for new employees to adjust to the organizational culture. Hence, the hybrid model seems to be the future.
The hybrid model of work will undoubtedly result in cost savings for both the organization and the employees. It will boost both mental and physical health for employees as they stay closer to family. This model also enhances the idea of diversity and inclusion as organizations can recruit people across the globe and tap into the differently abled talent pool as well.

Now flip the coin! Think about industries like healthcare, agriculture, or manufacturing! It has been and will always remain areas where you must be physically present, restricting the adoption of the hybrid model. We can safely conclude that as we move ahead into 2022, the hybrid model is here to stay. This model offers the best of both worlds like, employees can visit offices, meet associates in person, and collaborate with teams as much as possible and at the same time work from home 2-3 days in a week. However, we will need to wait and watch how the situation evolves in the next few months and take a call accordingly.

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