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Team Talent Development While Working From Home

Author: Mark Firth/Monday, April 13, 2020/Categories: Blogs

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The world of work is changing like never before! Not only does it require to keep one’s skills updated, but also learn new ones. As a leader, your team is an important part of your business and its talent development is your responsibility. Who would know better than you how your people work? And what talent development they need in order to perform better! Always remember that people need training and support throughout their careers, both as individuals and as a part of a team to develop their skills and continue to work effectively.

Also, team talent development is an essential part of overall organizational success as it provides the organization with the skilled workforce to meet its current and future milestones. With most of us working from home nowadays, there is more time available for investing in talent development. As a leader you should make the most of this opportunity and engage in talent development of your team.

There are several ways to look at team talent development. The whole idea behind talent development is to get the best out of your team and achieve your organizational objectives at the same time. However, like everything else in life, the hardest part is where to begin! Here are 3 steps to help to ace your team talent development goals.

Identify what your team needs to learn

The first step in team talent development should be to understand your team members’ development needs. Review their job description and assess their work. This would give you a clarity on what and how your team is doing. Talk to your team and ask them relevant questions like how do they think they can perform their job better. Talking to your team about what they need to be more successful in their roles will help them develop a positive feeling about learning something new. Add your analysis to it and voila you have your team talent development sketch ready.

Customize learning programs for your team members

Once you have done the assessment for their need to develop certain skills, you would know exactly what kind of talent development training would help them. Each team member would have different roles, responsibilities, objectives, talents, levels of understanding, and personal capacity. For talent development, it is very essential that learning programs are customized for individual needs. For example, if one team member has cited ‘Excel’ as a pain point for herself or himself, it would be a total waste of time to do the talent development training for the whole team. Therefore, it is important that team talent development content should be as unique as the individual it’s meant to upskill.

Show your commitment to your team member’s talent development

You must show your team members that you truly care for them and will support them for their talent development efforts. It’s vital for you as a leader to listen and understand as to what the team really wants from their job and their perception of how they can contribute to the overall organizational success. Only then you will be able to manage the talented teams you’ve helped to create.

Do you know that leaders who are actively involved in team talent development are much loved and respected by their teams! By doing so these leaders ensure that their team’s careers are both challenging and meaningful!

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