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Tap into the Passive Talent Pool with our Executive Search Services

Author: Social Media/Tuesday, November 23, 2021/Categories: Blogs

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There is an acute talent shortage in the market and events like the pandemic have completely turned the tables from a client-driven to a candidate-driven scenario. With this acute talent shortage and talent ‘war’ going on in the industry, organizations should know how to focus on the ‘passive’ candidates for their leadership and executive positions.

Our executive search services would help you find the right set of passive talent and we believe that these candidates would bring a lot of skills, experiences, and innovation to the table. Passive candidates are those who are not actively looking out for jobs. They are not the typical #opentowork folks. Hence, you need specialized services to show them why your organization is the best fit for them and persuade them to leave their comfort zones and join your organization. The task seems daunting, but this is where our executive recruitment consultants would help in convincing candidates that the grass is indeed greener on the other side.

Here are the primary things that we focus on to tap into the passive talent pool –

Doing our homework

Before approaching a candidate for a C-suite position or leadership position our executive search consultant does research to find out what they are doing in their current role, what are the benefits offered, and what is salary drawn? This helps us define what is it that you can use to compel them to leave their present role and join you. At the same time, we make sure that the person we have identified has the right set of skills and experience, is not just evaluated based on popularity or public opinion. Once the homework is done, our pitch becomes precise, and we can make targeted communications

Offering flexible working hours and competitive salary

In the new normal, the hybrid mode of work is here to stay and as employers, you must offer the same to the candidate. As a c-suite leader, the person would surely love to have flexible work hours and locations alongside a pretty good and handsome salary. Now, only salary would not lure someone especially for the top positions. Hence, we need to highlight the benefits and perks that come along. We design our communication to shine a spotlight on the work culture, work-life balance, diversity and inclusivity practices, and the core values of your organization.

Leveraging technology

The entire world is moving and witnessing disruptions due to technological advancements. The best way to stay ahead is by leveraging them to the best of their abilities. Our executive recruitment consultants use advanced AI, ML algorithms to target candidates on social media, gather data about candidates, and follow their activities. This would help you screen and filter candidates in an accelerated manner. Besides, it would save you time and effort and you can focus on the above areas to strengthen your position as a recruiter. These days organizations are hunting for candidates. If you want the best set of people to lead your organization, then you must tap into the massive pool of candidates. You must leverage our executive search management consulting expertise and stay one step ahead in the game. To know more about our services like leadership coaching, professional hiring, management consulting, reach out to us at

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