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Studies show 82% people believe robots are more supportive of mental health than humans.

Author:, August 4, 2021/Categories: Blogs

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Mental health is a huge factor in a person’s wellbeing. The COVID19 pandemic has taken a huge toll on people’s mental health, especially the global workforce. This includes 70% people being more stressed and anxious, 35% people complaining about insufficient work-life balance, 25% people suffering from burnout and depression due to loneliness. All this is happening because of the blurred boundaries between home and work.

All this added pressure to meet targets while sitting in a corner of their homes is gravely affecting their home life. It’s suggested that organizations should focus more on their employees mental health. However, only 18% of people are comfortable discussing the enormity of their mental health issues with their managers or bosses. A percentage as high as 68% of people prefer talking about their struggles to AI.

Robots as counsellors and therapists are way more welcome than actual human beings according to the report. A staggering 80% of people are open to having a robot as a therapist or counselor as they believe robots provide a judgement-free zone and an unbiased outlet to share problems and issues.

Mental health issues due to work cannot be ignored and the global workforce collectively is looking for support to overcome their battles. 83% people are in favor of technology being provided to support mental health. Companies need to prioritize their employees’ mental health over targets else the ignorance will have an extremely negative impact in the longer run.

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