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Source Talent in Competitive Markets With Our Executive Search Services

Author:, May 4, 2022/Categories: Blogs

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Organizations often struggle with finding the right leadership talent as this market is extremely competitive. Choosing the right person for a leadership role is a very important decision and cannot be made on a whim or instinct. Your leadership essentially defines your organization and plays a key role in driving growth and success. Often, the right role is filled by using the right executive search services which maximizes the potential of finding the right match. At The Taplow Group our executive recruitment consultants deeply analyze the roles and find the most suitable candidates to fill the position.

Unlike earlier, the job market is no longer solely focused on the employer. It’s a lot more candidate friendly, which makes it difficult to find top notch talent. Top candidates know what they bring to the table and expect compensation packages that justify their skillse And generous compensation package is not all it takes; candidates want to feel valued and needed. Tables have turned with organizations chasing employees and not the other way around and executive recruitment consultants understand this thoroughly. Organizations also need to shift focus on themselves and make themselves look more attractive and wholesome to work in. They need to highlight what differentiates them from their competitors. Executive search management consulting helps you get through this rigorous process and guarantees amazing results.

The trickiest part about attracting the right talent is that it’s not money. Contrary to what most organizations believe, it never was enough to have a lucrative compensation. The best candidates care more about the values and ethics of the organization and what it’s capable of achieving. The best talent always focuses on the bigger picture and how to get there. Best form of talent already has stable jobs with a fat paycheck and ample of growth opportunities. For them to shift, you need to offer them more, challenge their minds, entice them with other factors that differentiate you from their current employer. The competition for leadership talent is fierce. In order to successfully attract talent that could take your organization places, we follow a rigorous process at The Taplow Group that entails steps like:

Analyzing the need

An executive search consultant needs to be aware of what the role needs to accomplish, have a thorough understanding of the job description. Apart from understanding the present need, one also needs to understand the organization, be aware of its strengths and weaknesses, know the short-term goals as well as long term growth strategies. All this information is used by executive search consultants to attract the candidate to the job.

Preparation for the search

The right candidate for the role is probably already well paid. A well-prepared plan helps increase interest and attract potential candidates to the opportunity. A good plan not only skillfully packages the organization and the role, but also finds a way to connect with candidates on a logical and emotional level.

Attracting the right talent

On most occasions, the right talent is already well settled in another firm. Talent search is extremely gruesome and executive search services make the process smoother by shortlisting best of the best.

Assessing the talent

After initial contact and follow ups, if the candidate is as excited by the prospect as you are,talent assessment is conducted which could be the most difficult step. It involves assessing candidates’ personal skills like their values, work ethics, passions etc. apart from their professional skillset. Executive interviews are a whole different ballgame than regular interviews. Even though it’s a tedious process, this step confirms both to the organization and the candidate if they are the right fit and proves to be extremely worth it in the longer run.

At The Taplow Group we help you source the best-fit for your organization’s leadership through our global executive search consultants. To know more about our services like leadership coaching, professional hiring, management consulting, reach out to us at

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