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Remote Work = Happier Employees

Author:, June 7, 2022/Categories: Blogs

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As we step into the ‘New World of Work’, we need to relook at the work models and engagements and evaluate their correlation with employee well-being and happiness. In a study conducted by Tracking Happiness, around 12,455 workers across the globe show that remote work increases happiness by 20%.

Expected or surprised?
The study also goes on to report that millennials are most excited about remote models giving them more time with themselves and family and flexibility to choose their work locations and arrangements. We also see a deep connection between work happiness and overall life happiness, where about 27% of a person’s happiness can be attributed to work-related happiness. These findings clearly show that employers should encourage more remote work as remote work equals happy employees equals productive employees.

Though a lot of employees might argue on this and quote work from the office to be productive; be it on personal grounds or the nature of work, we believe that the final say should be given to the employees – work from the home, office, or hybrid. Maybe in-person check-ins can be done for evaluations or team-building activities, while the majority of the work is done remotely.

It has been observed that as commute time increased, employee happiness decreased. Of course! You don’t want to spend precious moments in the hustle-bustle of the traffic. To conclude, we can say that an empty office is always better than unhappy employees. Thus, promote flexibility and let your employees choose their work models and arrangements in the future.


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