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Questions One Should Ask Themselves Daily for Leadership Development

Author: Mark Firth/Thursday, February 20, 2020/Categories: Blogs

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Being in a leadership position comes with many responsibilities. In the discourse, we often find ourselves asking a lot of questions- How well is it going? Is there a problem? How are we supposed to do better? and so on. But, how often do we turn that inquisitive mind towards ourselves, and ask those probing questions which might assist for leadership development?

Here is a list of questions that great leaders should ask daily to help them in their leadership development.

How accountable am I?

Culture of accountability should begin at the top. The leader defines the culture, so, he/she must show accountability if he/she wants others to follow the suit.

How engaged and excited am I?

Enthusiasm is infectious, so as a leader, one must be engaged in their duty and work while being enthused. This attitude is great for leadership development and creates engaged and excited teams.

How often do I listen to my team?

Listening is a sign that you show respect and you value your team’s opinion. This also helps augment the team’s involvement which automatically increases their commitment and adds to your leadership development.

How open am I to feedback?

Feedback is the breakfast of the champions and an important element for leadership development. It helps in the overall development of the team and ensures better engagement.

How can I improve the quality of the feedback?

The way you communicate the feedback will determine how effectively it is used or not. It is much better to provide feed-forward and give insight and suggestions on how to improve in the future.

How much support do I provide to my team?

Ensuring that the team has the right support is one way to put them into a winning position and encourage them to think collectively for the growth of the entire organization. Providing support ensures constant growth in leadership development.

How can I make my team better?

Working towards the overall development of the team nurtures their capabilities to increase engagement, retention and results.

Am I a good role model for my team?

It is crucial to exhibit the same behavior as you want to see from your team. Be a good example for your team to follow. As a leadership duty, the entire team look up to you for guidance and often model what they see. So, it becomes all the way more important to act responsibly.

How can I be a better leader?

Even the greatest of the leaders know that there is always a little room for improvement. It is important to engage in activities that will help in your overall leadership development, like- reading books on leadership qualities, watching people speak of their experience and observing great leaders and their work ethics, etc.

As a part of leadership development, we should not just challenge those around us to be better, but need to challenge ourselves by asking these questions daily.


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