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Paving the Path : Global Executive Search in 2022

Author: Social Media/Tuesday, December 7, 2021/Categories: Blogs

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Hiring the right executive leadership is very critical for the success of an organization and its people. There is a constant need to innovate, look for faster-better-smarter ways to deliver game-changing talent and optimize the corporate workforce and senior executive careers. Organizations opt for executive search firms to look for niche, hard-to-find hires, especially in today’s candidate-driven market where superior talent is a huge competitive advantage.

At The Taplow Group, we understand the criticality of leadership hiring process and use the best possible ways for our search and find the most suitable candidates for the mandates on hand. Organizations are upbeat about the possibilities provided by technology, anxious about the economy, and (still) struggling with the talent shortage. So, what does 2022 look like for Global Executive Search professionals?

Here is what the future holds for Global Executive Search:

  1. 2022 is going to be the year of the candidate yet again. This means there is going to be more competition amongst the organizations to find and hire the best talent. This competition is the driving force behind the willingness of workers to leave their current positions for new jobs with better salary, bigger benefit packages, more opportunity for advancement, and much more.

  2. Both, flexible schedules, and workplaces are here to stay. The last couple of years have been a testimony to the fact that flexibility and being able to work from home are both possible and effective. This enables global executive search firms to look for candidates beyond their geographical borders. Increased digitization has enabled global hiring and this trend will continue well into 2022 and beyond.

  3. High demand for diverse talent has never been greater. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion will continue to be on the board room agenda and organizations will actively look to improve equality in their hiring practices. Leaders will stay committed to equity and inclusion in the workplace. And Global Executive Search Firms will need scalable ways to ensure that they are able to deliver the desired diverse talent in a more efficient and timely manner.

  4. Social recruiting is one of the most popular hiring trends that will continue to dominate in 2022 as well. With more and more people signing up and being hired on various platforms, it is no longer an option to be on social media for both, candidates as well as Global Executive Search Firms. Social network is the place to source, attract and hire talent.

  5. Technology and data have been the game changers in the Global Executive Search Industry. The ever-growing adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) to augment and support the expertise of the executive search consultant has been remarkable to say the least. Artificial intelligence technologies not only enable the consultants to interpret larger data sets at speed, but also helps them to make informed decisions keeping the organizational outcomes in mind. Technology also helps in removing bias from the hiring process to a large extent.

At The Taplow Group we help you source the best-fit for your organization’s leadership through our executive search consultants. To know more about our services like leadership coaching, professional hiring, management consulting, reach out to us at

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