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Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile Visibility

Author:, May 16, 2022/Categories: Blogs

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We all know that in today’s world branding is  important. Professionals – especially salespeople, invest a lot of time and useful resources in constructing brands. We have trained at it – and we’re good at it. But how often do we apply the same logic to create our own personal brand? The answer would be a big no for a majority of people.

Your LinkedIn profile is probably the single most significant, professional tool you can use to create your own brand. In other words, LinkedIn Profile is like a CV in digital format. Hence. to create opportunities and connections, in a competitive job market,  make your LinkedIn profile visible effectively.

Here are a few key tips

  • Use a formal and impressive profile picture.Select an attractive “Headline” for the profile. It might be your current job designation.
  • Include additional Learning expertise and qualifications.
  • Mentioning the industry sector precisely, this will help to promote your LinkedIn profile and connect to the right people.
  • Link skills to experience to generate interest in your profile
  • Unmask your profile by joining a professional group on LinkedIn.
  • Summarise your profile in such a way that recruiters can easily spot you. A summary is one of the important aspects of search engine optimization of your profile.
  • Do complete all the necessary steps thoroughly. That could help to boost your profile significantly.


Keep in mind

  • Set your profile to be public.
  • Let it be unique for yourself by customizing your URL setting.
  • Just don’t keep adding people randomly. Focus on growing your network.
  • Comment on interesting articles, this will raise your profile with others. 

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