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Metaverse and the Future of Meetings

Author:, January 17, 2022/Categories: Blogs

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The happenings in the last two years have forced the world to adopt new ways of remote working. Zoom meetings and Microsoft teams have replaced conference rooms and town hall discussions. This new normal is here to stay and remote working or hybrid model of work is going to be the norm. But diminishing human interaction and meeting co-workers only over Zoom is creating ‘Zoom fatigue’. Video calls and meets are turning into an exhausting experience. Employees across the world are looking towards a less exhausting and more immersive experience and Metaverse seems to be the best answer.

So far this idea of Metaverse was primarily focused on the entertainment and gaming industry. But the future of meetings seems to be in the hands of Metaverse. Bill Gates has claimed that in the next 3 years most meetings and conferences will happen on Metaverse. Whether it’s a mere thought of going to be a reality, we can expect a few things from future meetings on Metaverse.

Increased productivity

The direct consequence of an immersive experience is increased productivity. The meetings would seem ‘live’ and close to the in-person experience with greater mobility. Even human capital search services will seek people who are well-versed with the Metaverse. This is evident from the fact that the number of jobs with ‘Metaverse’ as a keyword has increased from one to 217 over a year.

Enhanced team collaboration

Empathy lies at the core of team bonding, morale, team cohesion, and communication. Without physical meetings, empathy seems to be dropping and so is team bonding. But with Metaverse, employees can come together at the same place, without social distancing, and experience the human connection, can build rapport, and nurture empathy.

Not that costly

One concern with enterprises was the cost of setting up this digital infrastructure. With more and more organizations into the ecosystem, prices of AR VR devices have started reducing. It is not far when human resource consulting firms would use Metaverse for recruitments and interviews. It will no longer be a sellers’ market but soon become a buyers’ market.

True immersive experience

You might have doubt as to how can the entire in-person experience be replicated? All your senses, sound, sight, smell, and touch would be engaged to create a world where you have a truly memorable experience. Some experts say that this experience might be better than the in-person conference room experience. Distance will no longer be a factor and two people situated miles apart can meet in a café and conduct business meetings with ease.

Unlimited networking opportunities

You have often heard human capital consulting services boost their networks. With Metaverse it's just going to increase many times over. Metaverse presents unlimited networking opportunities. Your network won’t be limited to a conference room or cubicles around you. You can connect with each person in the virtual ecosystem. The venue won't be a constraint, and every event can host an unlimited number of audiences.

These are just a few perks of meetings over Metaverse. Whether it's coming in three years or in a decade’s time is debatable, but Metaverse is going to be the future of meetings!

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