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Interim Manager: When & Why an Organization Should Hire One

Author:, May 21, 2024/Categories: Blogs

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An organization is always aware of interim management roles, but it is often confused about when it needs one. Nevertheless, this short guide will tell you exactly the situations and reasons for hiring someone for a temporary leadership role.

Also, if your organization feels stuck in a rut and the board of directors and other management teams feel the need for temporary leadership, then you can immediately connect with a C-suite hiring firm, which can help you hire and get back on track.

4 Key Reasons Why an Organization Needs an Interim Manager

Seamless Continuity

When a key position is left unoccupied in an organization, it can create a void that may lead to disrupted workflow. The temporary leader comes in to ensure that the operations are properly functioning and that operations continue without any pauses or interruptions in the normal workflow in your organization.

Expertise on Demand

Above all, an organization must avoid making a mistake in hiring an executive search firm to get them the best interim leader. Interim leaders help a lot with their many years of experience and particular savviness. Those veteran consultants have a broad knowledge acquired from various areas and firms. They are highly attentive and creative in solving specific problems, and this brings invaluable advice to the table. When you replace the long-term leader with a temporary one, you acquire a broader vision and a group of skills tailored to your circumstances.

Objectivity and Impartiality

Being an outsider, a temporary leader might as well provide a far-sighted and detached perspective on your operations, activities, procedures, and traditions, which is the closest point of view to a third party’s. Moreover, they are able to detect loopholes in the process and propose unbiased suggestions, thus facilitating the implementation without being affected by emotions, biases, or agendas.

Fresh Perspectives and Change Management

It may happen that the company is in a state of stagnation or inflexibility regarding adaptation to new conditions. Their main function would be to move the organization forward, adopt a new vision, and change the process, strategy, and culture. These incidental staff will, over time, provide excellent tools to bring about a transition process in your entity.

Situations When You Need an Interim Manager

Leadership Transition

When a company loses its key managerial staff, an Interim Manager is hired to prevent the business from falling apart until a replacement is found. For about six months or so, while the organization is going through the process of recruiting a new leader, the interim leader takes the responsibility of maintaining and monitoring the daily operations and strategic management.

Organizational Restructuring or Mergers

An interim leader is much needed when the organization is going through significant restructuring or combining with another organization to oversee the whole process and the management of it. They have a neutral view and extensive experience, which makes their process of navigating through complex organizational changes. Hence, the change would be smooth and would make sure significant operational hiccups would not happen.

Rapid Growth or Expansion

When the organization experiences rapid growth or expansion, ad hoc leadership gaps might form because of work pressure and new projects. A Transitional leader can bridge these gaps, provide strategic guidance, and oversee business operations when the business is in a growing phase. Thus, the organization harvests its opportunities during a good time.

Turnaround or Crisis Management

In the event of a financial challenge or crisis, or when an organization wants to be handled by a turnaround strategy, an interim leader’s expertise can really be valuable. Equipped with an objective, result-oriented approach and gained experience in crisis management, they can control operations by developing and implementing corrective strategies and reaching profitable results.

Special Projects or Initiatives

When the strategy is to perform a particular project or functional initiative whereby specialized expertise and some project management skills are required, the temporary leader is the right and best solution to adopt. The manner in which their processes and staff members are focused is perfect for complex projects. They deliver successfully and on time without overstretching the existing staff.

Temporary Absence of Key Personnel

When executives or managers leave, for example, parental or medical leave, an Interim leadership team can be an alternative and yet very useful option, especially to maintain important leadership presence and decision-making operations. Thus, it is possible to avoid any operational lag or inconsistencies during absence and to keep the organization functioning without hindrance.

Change Management

Due to the excessive number of barriers, organizational changes frequently encounter stances, and challenge management becomes the main tool for the successful implementation of innovation. The Interim Manager, alongside his change management know-how, heads and supports change within the organization, successfully deals with the parts of the crowd resisting changes and ensures a change of state.

Subject Matter Expertise

When an organization possesses a specific technical/industrial area’s expertise/knowledge, temporary leaders who are experienced in the same disciplines can fill the gap. They can help foster the growth of the staff by providing training, mentorship, and guidance. Thus, it assists in keeping the organization able to compete on different levels and employ all the best practices from the industry.

Objective Third-Party Perspective

The main reason for the request is to provide the organization with an unbiased, impartial assessment of its operations, functions, and practices to indicate the fields for improvement. An Interim leader, as an outsider with no preconceived notions, can provide valuable recommendations and facilitate objective decision-making processes.

Avoid Costly Hiring Mistakes

We at Taplow Group believe that an organization cannot operate efficiently if it hires the wrong C-suite professional. This is why an organization must outsource C-suite and interim management hiring to an efficient communication sector consultancy with extensive experience in hiring and managing these functions efficiently.


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