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Improve Your Organizational Diversity With Our Human Capital Search Services

Author:, August 29, 2022/Categories: Blogs

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DEI or Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion has become a  hot topic of discussion across business houses and corporate forums. Every organization wants to be high on the DEI index but implementing practices that ensure diversity and inclusivity is a completely different ball game. It is easier said than done. This is where our human capital search services come into the picture. We help you build the right strategies, head hunt in the right avenues, and ensure that you improve your hiring diversity.

Increasing diversity or the DEI index for your organization does not simply mean that you start hiring from different backgrounds. It is a principle, a practice that should be deeply rooted in all strategies of the organization right from hiring, to onboarding, to succession planning, and employee engagement. So, how do you increase diversity through your hiring practices .

Understand the AS-IS state

You should start by understanding the present state of your diversity initiatives. Talk to your present employees, gather feedback from the newly recruited ones, and understand where you stand. This will help you in identifying your gaps and at the same time ensure that the top management also realizes them as a shortcoming or avenues where there is the scope for improvement.

Speak the diverse language

Across all channels of your communication – social media pages, websites, corporate posters, or emailers – you should speak the same consistent language. This would create the impression that diversity as a practice is deeply embedded within your organization’s culture. You would be surprised to know that many potential candidates check diversity and inclusivity practices before choosing a firm. Hence consistent communication would enhance your brand image and help you attract top talents.

Remove biases during hiring

The approach should be to be consciously un-bias rather than unconsciously biased. This means that you should take every single effort to remove bias from your recruitment process. This even includes terms in the job description that might be aligned toward a particular gender. During the interview process, ensure that you talk about your DEI practices and also take feedback from the participant as to how you can improve diversity in your hiring process.

Have an inclusive onboarding

Ensure that employees across the firm are onboarded in a similar manner. During onboarding, you make them aware of your DEI policies and help each employee realize the importance of such policies at an individual and organizational level. Moreso, you should encourage them to suggest ways to enhance these policies and speak up when they feel such policies are being violated.

Close the loop and measure success

You started with identifying your gaps, and now it is time to measure success. Check how much progress you have made by interviewing your employees once again. At the same time, take feedback on the performance of your new hires, giving insight into the quality of the hire. It is crucial that you look back and refine areas that are still lagging. Our human capital services are designed to help you enhance your hiring diversity. We know where to begin.

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