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Importance of Partnering with an Executive Search Firm

Author: Mark Firth/Saturday, February 22, 2020/Categories: Blogs

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Executive Search is a very crucial yet highly complicated process. Why?

It does not matter whether you have conducted the search for an executive internally or externally. The rule holds that the executive search will not be a great success as you expect it to be unless the organization is ready to invest in the kind of expertise required to find the right talent.

For an executive search to be a success, it must match force with the explosion in the amount of data available on various industries, executives and companies.

This is the reason companies are looking out for an Executive Search consultant to help them find the right talent. We have listed out few issues that arise while searching for the right candidate the traditional way:

Internet is a forest of information

The data is scattered on the internet and simply looking for senior executives on a search engine is not the greatest idea. A great deal of valuable information is tucked away in the databases that are not even visible to a giant like ‘Google’.

Right Mix of Traditional and Modern search

If we put aside the wonders of LinkedIn, most senior executive searches have not changed in more than 50 years. Internal recruiters are still looking for candidates in a traditional manner, which is like searching for a proverbial needle in the haystack. And, the haystack resembles Mount Everest due to the availability of so much data.

A great search firm like The Taplow Group, has adopted modern methods which traditional firms might overlook while standing in plain sight. With the amount of data available, we have to find a way to dig straight to the right candidate and make the executive search process successful one.

Having said that, the manual and the traditional work of executive search remain the same- the lugging and heaving required to determine if the candidate is qualified and whether he/she has the required skills to make your organization flourish.

Not enough networking

The more channels and methods of communication, the merrier. To manage the onslaught of data and technology, it is important that a team is always active on different platforms. Social networking applications and Emails are the biggest platforms to connect with a prospective candidate and begin the executive search process.

It is crucial to get onboard with various means of communication and if not, there is always a risk of getting left behind in the process of executive search.

Relying completely on outdated ‘Best Practices’

The widely accepted executive search ‘best practices’ were introduced before there was the internet and it has changed a little. Candidate identification has gone through a major change. Technology has made advancements since then. Executive search research- which is also called ‘sourcing’, began as a secretarial chore. Where candidate data was organized, identified, developed and then the recruitment process took place.

The biggest problem with the traditional way of executive search is its obsession with assembling lists of candidates. This is not helpful, especially now. With diversity in the work culture and different requirements, a candidate doesn’t have to just look good on the profile but should hold the accountability of an all-rounder. Just hoarding the information of the candidate is not a guarantee of a successful executive search. It is important to keep pace with technological advancement and leverage its qualities.

Big Responsibility requires Big Expertise

A serious research will transform data into an actionable intelligence. The entire process of research speeds up the time to hire and increases the quality of every hire. Executive search is the kind of work that cannot be handed off to just any employee in the organization.

The executive search requires to have passion for information science, data mining, competitive intelligence and knack for investigation. A great executive search firm will ensure you have the right senior executive to manage your organization.


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