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How To Raise Your Leadership Game In 2020

Author: Mark Firth/Friday, December 27, 2019/Categories: Blogs

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In order to be a great and effective leader, one needs to be very clear on their vision, and actions one may need to take to turn their vision into a reality. At times there may arise a need for one to look inwards and focus on their own abilities and shortcomings, and ask themselves how can they find ways to empower and inspire their team. In many ways a New Year means a fresh start. Here are some ways to turn the conversation inward and focus on developing leadership skills to up your leadership game in the coming year.

Make your Passion Infectious

You have been able to scale great professional heights by being passionate. Now is the time to use that passion to motivate others. There can be no greater motivation for your team than to see you display authentic enthusiasm and passion for achieving organizational excellence like never before!

Admit when you err

Everyone makes mistakes including the most powerful and inspiring leaders. The key to great leadership is admitting your mistake as soon as you recognize it and take corrective action.

Work on your Strengths

How about starting the New Year with a detailed analysis of your strengths and weaknesses and then making a plan to overcome your weaknesses and further strengthen your strong virtues?

Motivate your Team

Motivation stems from belief. Believe in your team’s ability and inspire them. A team who thinks that their leader does not believe in them is bound to fail. As a leader, you must motivate them to work harder and reach great heights. Even when things don’t go according to the plan, keep your cool, take charge and work on things with your team to bring them on track. Remember there is nothing like a leader who can walk the talk!

Focus on Bettering Yourself

Raise the bar for yourself. Ask yourself how can you do better than the previous year. Chalk out a plan which may prompt you to set higher targets on some of your most strategic goals. Show respect to your team members by asking them for their input and ideas. Listen to them. And most importantly, value your team members by implementing their good ideas and rewarding them for it.

We hope you will make these resolutions a part of your personal leadership development plan in 2020 and watch your team soar! Happy New Year!

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