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How to Manage your Work from Home due to Coronavirus situation

Author: Mark Firth/Saturday, March 14, 2020/Categories: Blogs

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coronavirus work from home

Remote working, when the team/ departments are forced to work from home. Utilise technology to overcome the remoteness of work. Isolation can be debilitating and lead to team pressures that could be felt long after the crisis has passed.

  • Create online daily meetings so your teams/ departments can update each other on their work.
  • Create a daily optional meeting where people can “meet” and talk about general issues – how they are coping, what they are watching/ reading, how their families are, in effect a virtual watercooler/ coffee break session (one rule – no Coronavirus talk as there will be the fatigue of constant discussions on that subject.)
  • Create a “box set” watch list of recommendations and encourage people to discuss the chosen items
  • Have a weekly optional virtual fitness session, using a Fitness Instructor to lead the session and create fun team involvement.
  • Managers should reach out once or twice a week to their individual team members to catch up on work and personal issues.
  • Flag health issues to a designated person (probably HR) so they can track company employees/families that are affected by the virus.
  • Ensure Managers know who is affected by the virus, plans to reduce or stop that affected persons work for a designated period to allow timely recovery.
  • Senior management/ department heads should have weekly virtual meetings to discuss work progress, issues and hear what others are doing within their teams.
  • Communicate clearly to suppliers and clients your companies situation.

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