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How to build a Flexible and Adaptive Mindset as a Leader

Author: Mark Firth/Monday, January 20, 2020/Categories: Blogs

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Flexibility is an extremely important trait in a rapidly changing economic and social scenario. As a flexible leader, one can modify their style or approach to leadership in response to uncertain, unpredictable or unforeseen circumstances and emerge a winner. In addition to this, a flexible leader can adapt to changes as they come. For example, if they are flexible it doesn’t take much of their time to revise their plans while still on track to achieve their goals. Flexibility not only allows a leader to survive and thrive in various situations but also enables them to incorporate new innovations and overcome challenges in a timely manner. On the other hand, adaptable leaders are also much sought after for their ability to implement new behaviors into old, existing situations. This enables them to express creativity in their work and find new ways to solve old problems.

Being an adaptive leader to meet the needs of a changing business environment, the needs of different team members, and a variety of opportunities, is definitely more effective than being bound by and staying in the comfort zone of a single leadership style.

Here’s how you can build a flexible and adaptive mindset

Know when to bend the rules

Are you a stickler for standard operating procedures? When was the last time you brought about a change in a process? Try and do something different once in a while.

Think before you say no

What’s your first reaction when a team member suggests something innovative or path-breaking? Don’t say no to everything. Think the idea through and see its merits.

Be an early adopter

Don’t resist change instead embrace it. Find out how new technology, system, tool, software, or process is relevant to you and your organization. Learn it and then teach it to your team members.

Acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses of your team members

Invest in your team. Delegate work according to their skills and interests. And when you hire new team members, try and fill the existing gaps in knowledge and competencies.

To be an effective leader, one has to learn to balance being flexible and adaptable. You should know how to go with the flow without losing direction, moving your organization forward with resilience and alertness. At The Taplow Group, through our professional search services, we help you source leaders who are flexible and adaptable to help you transform your organization and scale greater heights. To know more about our services like leadership consulting, professional hiring, management consulting, visit


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