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How to Break Your Own Leadership Limits

Author: Mark Firth/Wednesday, November 20, 2019/Categories: Blogs

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There is always scope to become better at what you do and Leadership is no exception.

Whilst there is no denying the fact that leaders aren’t created overnight and that it takes years of polishing and harnessing one’s qualities in the right manner to be successful, there are always ways to up your leadership game.

Some points to keep in mind while pushing your leadership limits:

Self-awareness is key

Sometimes, you might know where you need to improve but you might be lost in figuring out where to begin. In situations like these, one needs to keep their calm, pay greater attention to what needs to be corrected and be your own biggest critic.

Identify what requires a change

Do what you would do to your team members, i.e. identify your strengths and weaknesses, see what requires improvement. Ponder on your actions and see where you're going wrong.

Put in the effort required

Awareness is half the battle won!. Real progress and improvement can be seen when an effort is made to further work on the findings. For you to successfully break through your limitations, and truly be a phenomenal leader, you need to analyze your complete belief system, values, strengths, areas of development and your process of conducting business. You’re more than capable of reaching your maximum potential, but that’s only when you put in the desired effort.

Convert your weaknesses into strengths

Sometimes we're so busy focusing on our strengths, we forget to acknowledge and concentrate on our weaknesses. It’s very important to own your weaknesses in order to ensure they don’t own you.

Adjust your viewpoint

Stop judging yourself by your past successes or failures. Hold yourself accountable for your present and see the bigger picture. Analyze how useful your present leadership style is in the longer run. One smart way to accurately change the lens through which you're viewing yourself is via taking into account the feedback you receive.

Remove all the existing obstacles

Knowingly or unknowingly, we are all our worst enemies at times and put obstacles in our own paths. What’s important is you figuring out the obstacles and then rooting them out successfully.

Always think of yourself as a work in progress and constantly keep evolving according to the need of the hour. Leadership is not a constant but an ever-evolving way of being.

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