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How The Pandemic Has Changed Not Just How We Work But Also How We Hire

Author: Social Media/Friday, June 25, 2021/Categories: Blogs

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Executive search services have seen changes and shifts all along but never ever has there been such a drastic transformation as it has witnessed in the last year and a half. Executive search is an industry that thrives on meeting people, both the clients and the candidates, and assesses people based on these face-to-face interviews. With Covid-19 reducing the face time to an absolute zero, executive search consultants have transformed the way they work and hire.

Blending remote work environment with virtual tools has resulted in faster turnaround for search processes.

Over the last year, executive recruitment consultants have hired C-suite executives whom they have never met. They say that it is amazing how they haven’t met either the candidates or the client and the entire process just got over. One thing is sure, the time to hire has drastically reduced from months to weeks in the virtual process. At the same time, remote working has not only widened the candidate pool but also has made it possible for the candidates to interact with many organizations as well.

However, at the same time some organizations, as well as candidates, find the virtual interaction too much of a barrier. After all, video interviews cannot replace the understanding and insights that both clients and candidates can derive from face-to-face interviews.

Another area where a lot of emphases is being given is the area of interpersonal skills. Since there are no lunch room or water cooler conversations, new executives are expected to reach out to as many people as possible, connect with the team on an empathetic level and grab the team dynamics at the earliest. Hence as executive search consultants, the task is to hire folks who are agile and adaptive, people who can align with the team easily and deliver results promptly.

When one looks from the viewpoint of a candidate what matters the most, is the perception about the organization and it is developed from the presence in social media and digital platforms. The press generated about a company has a huge impact on the decision of the candidates. Post pandemic candidates are deeply assessing the social and environmental responsibility of the company before making a big decision.

Executives want short-term feedback and clear, measurable metrics. With office politics getting hidden behind remote work, transparency is now the new normal. Every organization is expected to be meritocratic and executives demand clear feedback. Executive search consultants are looking for fast-paced and clear-sighted people. There is no room for politics or ambiguity in the workplace anymore.

The pandemic has taught the world how to be agile and adapt to new circumstances promptly. The executive search industry is now grooming people to become more aligned to the remote working model. The virtual workplace model has not only changed how people are recruited, but also the models of the coaching, mentoring, and training programs. The entire executive search services are now re-aligned to manage the nuances of the virtual workplace.

Our executive search consultants will ensure that the right positions are filled by the right leaders. We are committed to finding the best fit for your organization. It is essential to hire the best talent for each executive position to pave the way for the phenomenal growth of your organization. If you are looking to fill executive positions, then look no further than our world-class results-driven executive search services.


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