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How Leadership Development Coaching Helps Manage Crisis Better

Author:, April 20, 2020/Categories: Blogs

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The current coronavirus pandemic is threatening, both lives and livelihoods across the globe. Catastrophes happen and most of the time we don’t have any control over them. However, our response as leaders is something we do have a control over, and that’s what more often than not defines the outcome of any crisis. As a leader one cannot predict crisis but can always stay prepared to face them and leadership development coaching is one such tool that prepares the leaders to face such upheavals with aplomb.

Leadership development coaching is defined as a process where a leader receives leadership coaching from a special coach in order to become an effective leader. Always remember that as a leader you are responsible for actions that you take during a crisis. Therefore, leadership development is also an integral part of crisis management of an organization and leadership development coaching is considered to be a sound investment.

Most of the skills that the leaders must bring to the fore during crises are the skills that leadership development coaching frequently addresses. The top 3 skills for leadership coaching are communication, decision-making, and delegation. It is a combination of these skills that enables the leaders to navigate the unexpected turbulence.

Leadership development coaching helps leaders to –

Become aware – This is true for both self and situational awareness. Leadership coaching prepares the leader not only to be self-aware during a crisis but also be aware of the situation around them to react appropriately.

Be self confident – Leaders who under go leadership development coaching are more self confident as they have already enabled themselves to overcome their fears and self limiting thoughts and beliefs through leadership coaching.

Develop self-leadership – Leadership development coaching helps leader to develop their ability to lead themselves with more compassion and self-acceptance.

Leadership coaching also a critical tool for organizational change as it helps to develop key people into leaders. Effectively designed leadership development coaching programs use action and experiment to develop leaders. A crisis situation, for example the current pandemic, not only calls for short-term firefighting measures but also for a long-term planning. Leadership development programs enable leaders across all levels to develop their skills, increase their effectiveness and maximize their potential.

An excellent and structured leadership development coaching program benefits next generation of leaders, leaders who come into the organization from the outside, and current leaders who need to up their game to meet new strategic and global challenges.

For example, leadership coaching for experienced leaders helps them to redefine their success metrics, reevaluate their leadership style, rearrange their priorities, be prepared for exigencies, and lead their teams to success.

Similarly, it is through a leadership development coaching program that an aspiring leader, can understand what are the essentials to be successful in an organization, develop their own leadership style, and create a robust development plan in tandem with their future aspirations.

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