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How leaders can create a strong sustainability culture

Author:, January 3, 2022/Categories: Blogs

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Responsible leadership and sustainability go hand in hand. There is a strong need for organizational leaders to pay close attention to the local and global environment in order to meet their “sustainable development goals”. Organizational culture stems from the responsible behavior of leaders. A sustainable culture is never built by HR, EHS or EMS teams but is the accountability of those on top of the hierarchy.

The concept of responsibility is subjective. Responsible leadership can often be a vague and confusing concept which is why it is essential to use the right executive search consultant to find you leaders who don’t just add to your corporate social responsibility but also direct it. Efficient executive search management consulting removes the ambiguity around the desirable responsible leadership and helps you find strong leaders who have their own personal notion of the same.

Responsible leadership and sustainability in an organization is driven by the core values and belief systems of its leaders. Employees tend to look up to the leaders to determine the behavioral norms of the organization. This influence is a very large responsibility, making it all the more essential to find you the right fit for the role.

Every leader has their individual traits that distinguishes them and makes the organization stand out from its competitors but there is a general overview of skills that are valued by the employees and stakeholders alike. These include a strong sense of sustainable judgment, long-term thinking and strategic mindset, problem solving, moral courage and effective communication skills. All leaders of the organization collectively determine the culture, ethics and behaviors that shape the organization. Business success and an organization’s DNA is ultimately driven by the leaders, which is a fact that a smart executive recruitment consultant fully comprehends. The sign of a successful and responsible leader is his/her ability to drive their team towards results instead of dwelling on conflicts or obstacles.

A team where everyone is equally driven and empowered as well as accountable to the organization’s goals and culture is a team that thrives in the longer run. Accountability of each individual collectively makes sustainability a shared responsibility. Of course, this comes with its own set of risks such as Groupthink.
Groupthink is an extreme situation where the well-being of the organization is overlooked by the desire to maintain harmony and have a smooth decision-making process. A situation like Groupthink is a warning to most leaders that an overwhelming need for cohesiveness often results in poor strategic decisions that are bound to hamper the success of the organization. Even though leadership is a collective effort, having your own voice and using it to express your point of view in a respectful yet effective manner is equally important.

Organizational culture is a direct reflection of the core values and beliefs of the leaders that shape the entity. It also gives insight into the corporate mindset that has developed over the years. So, it’s important to remember that your leaders need to act for the collective gain of the organization instead of their individual gains and you need to share your expectation with your while choosing your
executive search services partner. Responsible leadership also plays a key role in ensuring that the employees know their work is valued and they’re cherished.

Embracing responsible leadership enhances an organization’s sense of purpose, drives success, and boosts collective strength which will be available for all the stakeholders to witness and appreciate. It’s also an attractive element which helps in reeling new talent and potential customers. Responsible leadership holds immense value in long term and can sustain difficult economic times efficiently. It requires a different mindset and is an added effort, but the results have time and again proven that it’s worth it. Get in touch with our executive search consultants today to find your leaders who understand and practice responsible as well as sustainable leadership.

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