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Hiring talent from other Industries can help you grow your business. Here is how!

Author: Mark Firth/Thursday, April 18, 2019/Categories: Blogs

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Every career path in the present date compliments several divisions. In order to be highly productive, it has become important to take insights and inputs from various fields that help achieve a singular goal.

Change can be a motivational factor for Job Seekers. Change is an opportunity to explore something new or add to your skill-set and job seekers imply the same when they are looking for a job change. There are three primary factors that motivate job seekers to look into opportunities in a new industry:

1. Exposure and addition to skill set.

2. Limited opportunities or extensive challenges.

3. Better career progression in other industries.

These are driven individuals and the best bunch can prove to be vital determinants for the growth of the organisation.

How Hiring from other industries can benefit your organisation?

Are internal recruitment/talent teams involved? (If not, is this an opportunity?)

A lot of questions arise when hiring from another industry comes into the picture and they are true to their fact. But there comes a point when organisations do experience a burning out point. In this situation, the injection of fresh ideas and motivated talent can prove to be highly beneficial for organisations. There are two strategic directions which essentially encourages organisations to experiment with talents from different industries:

1. Injection of “Fresh Blood”: There are times when employees are completely burnt out and the introduction of new talents can help re-stimulating these employees with fresh ideas and new objectives.

2. Addition of a whole new skill set: Organisations looking to expand their services need to bring in professionals from the industry they want to expand into to help them successfully establish and transition. For example, promoting e-books will need talent from the digital industry to procreate your material in a manner that sells in the digital world.

Again these candidates can prove to be strong catalysts for growth as they help find another approach towards achieving a goal or help in upgrading your offerings, both ways become a win-win situation for organisations.

It may be risky, but it does not have to be…

Hiring from other industries can be risky but if done in the right way, it can be very productive for the organization. Few qualities like open-minded, adaptable, good communication skills and cultural sensitivity are some important factors to consider when hiring talents from different industries. However, the more important factors lie in their skill-sets, motivation level and how driven they are to quickly adapt and be productive for the organisation.

At The Taplow Group S.A, our team spreads over several countries and moreover promotes the hiring of diverse talents. Backed with a competent team of professionals, our hiring practices are unparalleled with extensive research and assessments before suggesting candidates to our clients.


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