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Healthy Work Culture Leads To Better Mental Health

Author: Social Media/Saturday, October 16, 2021/Categories: Blogs

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Even with the rising awareness around mental health, there is still a certain taboo associated with discussing mental health in a professional setting. However, the pandemic has shed a considerable amount of light on the importance of work-life balance and having a happy mind. The pandemic didn’t just blur the lines between what constitutes our personal and professional lives, but it also brought with it plenty of stress, anxiety, and uncertainty. All these feelings added to our mental health deterioration on several levels. A report by Oracle claimed 76% of employees believe their organizations could be doing more to cater to their mental health needs. WFH culture led to a higher burnout rate which resulted in a dip in both, productivity, and satisfaction.

Even with the right intentions, several organizations struggle with a big question of where to start. A good place to begin your focus on mental health in a professional setting could be to set guidelines to enable a healthier work culture.

Self-Care Indulgence
Sometimes, it’s good to waste time. You don’t constantly need to practice hustle culture and organizations should have employees manage stress in an effective and healthy manner. Also, keep in mind your employees are human, not machines. So let them take a break when they feel like.

Considerate tone

Everyone is going through the various effects of this pandemic together. Hence, consider being nicer in your communication.

Communicate often and sympathetically
Don’t just check up on deadlines and follow ups, check up on your employees’ mental health status. Ask them if you can contribute in any way or make their lives easier.

Don’t be rigid
Employees also have families & a personal life cater to. So, be flexible with deadlines and take away the added stress of unmet deadlines and overdue work.

Prioritize work life balance
Once employees log off, let them be. Don’t take away from their families and me time. If they wind down well, they’ll be far more productive and concentrated the next day.


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