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Get access to superior leadership talent through our CEO search services

Author: Social Media/Friday, November 12, 2021/Categories: Blogs

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The role of a CEO is to nurture an organization, help its employees grow, and establish a culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration. This is not an exhaustive list of activities that the CEO is expected to perform. Like the captain of a ship, the CEO must steer the organization through good and bad times. No doubt, you must select the best person for this role. No organization would stand and stay ahead in this dynamic business world if it is not led by a dynamic and capable CEO.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a CEO? Can you list them down? CEO does not operate at a micro-level and hence it would be difficult to list down the activities. Rather, a CEO works at a macro level and some of the overall areas that he/she should focus on are – 

Give a strategic direction to the organization

A CEO should have a clear vision in mind. This vision is not a fancy statement but the result of a thorough assessment of the market, the organization’s potentials, and a deep competitive analysis. CEO recruiters often focus on candidates with deep industry experience and exceptional managerial skills. These are the persons who can be agile and strategic in their decision-making.

The public face for the organization

A CEO is like the public face of the organization. When you think of Facebook, the first public image that comes to mind is that of the CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Similar is the case with Tesla or Amazon. This means that the CEO attends product launches, press conferences, making a successful presence on television, radio, and social media. What if appearing in public is not someone’s cup of tea. This is where Certified CEO training programs come into the picture. These services trains and groom CEO and prepare them to become the public face of the company.

Take care of all the stakeholders

Whenever you approach any CEO search services, one parameter that they focus on while selecting candidates is the person’s ability to report and create alignment with the stakeholders, primarily the board of directors and the investors. The authority of the CEO on the board is subjective, varies from one organization to another but his reporting abilities, ability to bring everyone on the same page, respect ideas, and making everyone understand the vision he carries, are very critical to the long-term success of the organization.


It is said that your net worth is your network. A CEO must establish relations with vendor partners, take part in events and conferences, discover new business opportunities, and establish a solid business network giving the organization its next big breakthrough.

These are some of the broad areas that a CEO should look into. But the overall responsibilities go far beyond these listed ones. CEO is the highest-ranking executive officer, and you cannot afford a slight mistake in their selection. Use our CEO search services and certified CEO training program to select the best candidate and then groom them into the leader your organization is seeking.

At The Taplow Group we not only help you source the best-fit for your organization’s leadership through our executive search consultants but also train and develop them to hone their skills. To know more about our human capital services like leadership coaching, professional hiring, management consulting, reach out to us at


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