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Five Tips for Better Hire

Author: SuperUser Account/Wednesday, September 12, 2018/Categories: Blogs

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Improve your chances of hiring the right candidate

1. Know what you want

Identify the exact responsibilities you want the candidate to undertake. Clear and definite job descriptions act as a filter for unqualified candidates. 

2. Look for the intangibles

Other than the functional abilities, there are several other aspects like interpersonal skills, communication skills etc. that define a competent candidate. 

3. Make a personal connection

Try to understand the candidate past his/her accolades mentioned in the profile. As mentioned before, interpersonal skills are very important for a cultural fit and personal connections during the interviews allow you to asses the same. 

4.Use all your resources

Hiring the best talent should not be a solo effort. Collaborative practices help you reduce biases along with an increased talent pool to recruit from. 

5.Hard sell to your top choices

Best talent is always in demand. Attracting such talent is also a hard task Incentives like your work culture, benefits, and a lucrative salary package can go a long way in landing the talent of your choice.


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