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Embracing Technology to Build Cohesion

Author: Social Media/Monday, October 25, 2021/Categories: Blogs

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Embracing digital workspace has been of paramount importance to organizations that are keeping pace with the changing technological landscape. Introduction of online collaboration tools support in bringing cohesion among employees of the companies that are ahead of the curve. However, a strategy for successful adoption of technology is usually absent that affects productivity and increases pitfalls. For instance, if one department uses a certain tool and another department is unaware of its existence, the overall output might reduce; or when a particular technology is not sanctioned to be used by senior employees, it could lead to security risks (known as Shadow IT). Therefore, when a new technological intervention is rolled out, it needs to cater to a variety of parameters, for example: the technical know-how of the end-users or the diversity in teams with respect to culture, backgrounds and working styles. To start with, organizations can emphasize on easy-to-use applications to cover the basic need of staying connected via video conferencing. Tools such as Slack support casual discussions while WebEx takes care of large-scale meetings. For management of tasks or projects, Wrike or Trello allow teams to edit documents in real-time, manage to-dos through dashboards and manage reviews and approvals. Along with work, learning and recognition offers huge motivation to the work force. Online learning platforms offer self-paced learning for upskilling; and applications like Bucketlist are being used to enhance performance through gamification. A thorough need-analysis will eliminate drawbacks at a later stage. Whatever tool suits the needs of an entity best, it can be ensured that it is easy-to-use. A primer is essential to take care of the needs of technologically less-savvy workers. This will establish well-integrated cohesion among the work force and the organization will experience enhanced engagement, commitment, and collaboration as sustainable benefits in the long run.

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