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Driving Efficiency in a Hybrid Environment

Author:, July 22, 2022/Categories: Blogs

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The hybrid model of work seems to be the new normal. According to Gallup data, close to 60% of the workers (with the ability to work remotely) preferred the hybrid mode over 32% who preferred a complete remote model. Whether you are working from an office or from a remote location, these tips will help you enhance your productivity to a large extent.


  • Prep up your workstations ensure that workstations, both at home and at the office are all set for you to work. They should have desktops/laptops, notebooks, stationery items, proper working desks, and an ergonomic chair. You must also ensure that you have the right set of tools and software on both devices. Invest your time to ensure that workstations help you become more productive at work

  • Collaborate and harmonize some might be more productive at home than at the office, while some might prefer doing most of their work during evening hours than morning. You can review everyone’s schedule and try to accommodate all the preferences. Say you meet once a week in the office on a day suitable to all and team members back each other during their absence
  • Reduce distractions distractions in the form of a chatty co-worker, too many breaks, temptation to watch Netflix or demands from the family will be there in either mode of work. You need to reduce or eliminate these to bring out your maximum efficiency at work

You will always want to be in top-notch form. With these tips in your pocket, you can surely skyrocket your productivity in the hybrid work environment.

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