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Diversity among your workforce: A practice for higher productivity

“Possibilities are endless where unity in diversity exists.”

Author: Mark Firth/Thursday, February 28, 2019/Categories: Blogs

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In recent times, emphasis on creating a work environment and a value chain that aims at higher productivity has become the focal point of organisations. Focus towards incorporating innovative techniques is increasing and measures to map competent talent is being extensively researched. Furthermore, factors like increased competition and increased demand have resulted in companies extensively investing in and redefining their hiring practices, thus making human potential management the major influencer of any organisations growth. 
Introduction of candidates from diverse backgrounds has been one successful practice that has resulted in a culturally accepted and productive environment. Considering the global market, the inclusion of people from different ethnicities has enabled organisations to gain insights globally and to also break barriers between nationalities and races, thus resulting in higher productivity. The major reason for this? Organisations are looking at becoming global players, and this includes it has become important for them to include hiring candidates that can be productive in their various geographical areas. But the inclusion of diversity among your workforce does not merely mean that you hire candidates from different nationalities but rather keep the biases aside and look the values you want to add to the organisation through these candidates. 
Stated below are a few key parameters to keep in mind while altering your hiring practices to increase diversity within your organisation: 

  • Establish diversity to be of critical value to the organisation: Once such a structure is set, avoid looking for people “who are like you” and rather focus on identifying candidates that share the same ideas and practices, but contribute to the expansion of insights and productivity. Focusing on the candidate’s skill-sets rather than backgrounds is the right measure to increase secularity within the organisation. Consider this and diversity will be germane to your organisation’s future success.
  • Build an organisation with values, not positions! : Skill-set is important but cannot be considered as a sole measure while hiring. Filling positions can be taxing tasks as several credentials need to be considered and in the same way, it should not be rushed. Often talent acquisition professionals are under the pressure of filling up positions but that should not be the case. We need to keep the future of the organisation in mind rather than the immediate need and should address candidates based on the overall diversity of approaches and experiences that will help guide the team through growth and challenges.
  • Remove subconscious biases from the hiring process: The usage of words in the job description plays an important role here. Certain words of praise or characteristic sometimes address a specific gender and should therefore be avoided. This can create a sense of unconscious bias among the talent acquisition professionals. Thus usage of words like creative, passionate and analytical promotes a general sentiment and should be encouraged.
  • Employ a diverse set of interviewers: Your interview panel can make a difference! A gender mix in your interview panel showcases homogeneity within your organisation thus promoting the candidate to share the ideals and virtues. In fact, experts say, one of the biggest deciding factors on whether or not a female candidate accepts a job is if there was a woman on the interview panel. Thus having interviewers belonging to different genders and races establishes that biases are not encouraged and only competency is gauged.

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