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Develop Yourself as a Leader with Our CEO Training Program

Author:, October 25, 2022/Categories: Blogs

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Before 2020, the concept of remote work was limited, and everything happened ‘in-office’. However, the events of the last couple of years have forced us to adapt to remote and hybrid working models. A Gartner report found that more than 70% of organizations have plans for permanent remote working models. As the new mode of work evolves, so does leadership in a virtual world. One might argue that leadership is leadership, regardless of in-person or over a virtual medium – but the virtual world has some nuances which are very different. As a senior leader or CXO, you must be aware of these and develop yourself to succeed with our CEO training program.

Communication is the key

The virtual world has opened a new medium of communication. As a leader, you need to know which one to choose for what kind of communication. Chats are effective for quick check-ins or informal connects while you can choose an email for formal and detailed communication – mostly the ‘official’ ones. Besides, ensure that you often have video calls to reduce the ‘zoom fatigue’ and bring in some ‘human’ element in the connections.

Be clear and transparent

Though you can connect with people located miles away, courtesy of virtual communication platforms, you cannot gauge the reactions as effectively as you could have done in a physical setting. There are multiple snags in communication in this remote model and as a leader you have to communicate in a clear, crisp, and transparent manner. Acknowledge the challenges faced by team members, communicate efforts taken by the organization to support employees, plan employee engagement programs, and communicate developments in a transparent manner.

Foster relationship

It can be very challenging to develop bonds and relationships when you are not meeting in person. However, you can still foster and nurture relationships with your fellow leaders and team members. This is something that can set you apart from other leaders and make a difference. Listen to your employees – make them feel valued, be it about their personal lives or their career ambitions. You can always try to hop on a short video call with no agenda – just an informal catch-up.

Support your employees

If you are looking to develop yourself as a leader in the virtual world, then you have to be very supportive – even more than in the physical setting. It is hard for everyone to work from home and adapt to the new models. As a leader, you can look to support them with medical help, leaves, engagements to take care of mental health, etc. Try to conduct monthly town halls to bring in everyone and share accomplishments – not only professional but also personal.

Finally, do not forget about yourself

Before you go out and do all the above, take care of your health and mental well-being. Keep yourself hydrated and surround yourself with positive vibes. Remember, even if you are at the helm, it is absolutely alright to seek help and assistance.

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