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ChatGPT: An opportunity or a threat for HR

Author:, May 18, 2023/Categories: Blogs

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Artificial Intelligence has changed the way we work in more ways than we could imagine a few years ago. Almost all departments in an organization have been transformed, so, how can HR be far behind.

The irony here is that HR stands for Human Resources and to manage human resources we need AI. Traditionally, the HR department of an organization is process heavy. After all, managing the expectations of the employees, management, job applicants and other stakeholders is a mammoth task. And just like any other technology, using ChatGPT also has its pros and cons.

Here are some scenarios where ChatGPT could be successfully put to use in HR:

Optimize effectiveness- ChatGPT can handle many routine tasks that would otherwise take up a lot of time, like collecting and sending out information to prospective job applicants. This can bring down the time involved hiring considerably.

Increase efficiency- Since it provides quick responses, ChatGPT can be used to boost efficiency. It can free up the time of HR to do other human-centric strategies.

Availability- Since it is available 24x7, it can provide quick responses to queries.

However, when it comes to active talent management and executive search, it is too early to judge. Executive search thrives on the human touch, and it would be difficult for AI to replace it. ChatGPT is based on a lot of text data and therefore it cannot display emotional intelligence which is the basic tenet of executive search. Things like leadership style, cultural fit, and personal attributes cannot be evaluated by AI.

How do you think ChatGPT will transform your industry?


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