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Best Tools For A Work From Home Executive Search Consultant

Author:, May 21, 2020/Categories: Blogs

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The year 2020 would be remembered for a long time in history. Not because space tourism became a daily activity or Marvel came up with another superhit movie, but for the global pandemic, which has affected millions of lives. Currently, it is the biggest threat that humankind has ever faced. But, like the UN Secretary-General António Guterres, we also believe that together we can fight and protect humanity against COVID19.

Due to the outbreak, almost all the organizations have switched to the remote working model. Even executive search consultants have adopted this new way of working. Executive search differs from the regular recruitment process. The former is about hiring C-suite candidates and connecting them with their potential employers. CXOs or senior managers have the responsibility of driving an organization, its growth, expansion, and sustainability. Thus, the job of an executive search consultant comes with a lot of responsibility. The executive search process involves studying an organization’s culture, their business process, the roles and responsibilities of the vacant position, and then matching it to the right candidate.

Working from home might be overwhelming for many, especially executive recruitment consultants. The job involves a lot of face-to-face interactions for the best executive search. It takes time to understand whether a candidate is technically and culturally fit for an organization. But technology has simplified many things for executive search consultants. Now one can connect with anyone from across the globe. There are no physical boundaries, overhead investments, or time constraints to limit the executive search. With the help of technology and its tools, executive search consultants can perform any job sitting right out of their homes. 

Working from home brings in many advantages. Just like an artist needs the perfect set of paints and brushes to create an artwork, an executive search consultant also needs the best tools to remain productive.

  • Communication Tool – The first tool that is needed for executive search is an excellent quality software for video and audio communication. The success of candidate interviews and client presentations is largely dependent on video communication software in a remote setting.
  • Project Management Software – This will help organize work, keep track of progress, and make it easy for executive recruitment consultants to work from home.
  • Cloud Storage – An executive search consultant has a massive database of candidates across the globe, multiple documents and presentations as well. This data needs to be secured and stored across a cloud platform. It will enable a search consultant to access it from anywhere, anytime.
  • Team Collaboration Tool– Though we maintain social distancing, yet technology can connect us. These tools will connect teams across different locations for daily meetings and updates.
  • Other Software - These would include the tools for note taking, maintaining work-life balance, and engaging with fellow employees.

Almost all companies engaged in Executive Search have adopted the remote working model. We believe that the global pandemic has changed the work environment for good. Video conferences would replace live interviews. Online tools and software will become critical in judging the fitment of a candidate. But whatever be the scenario, an executive search consultant will never stop working. The executive search for the best candidate will continue with the help of online tools and software.

At The Taplow Group we have taken all the necessary steps for business continuity and we are serving our clients globally through our work from home model across our offices around the world. To know more about our services like leadership consulting, professional hiring, management consulting, reach out to us at


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