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Best Practices to Improve Candidate Experience

Author: SuperUser Account/Wednesday, August 29, 2018/Categories: Blogs

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Long gone are the days when candidates were more than just pleased on being reverted from an organization they applied to. During the recent past, the hiring process has become a two-way street, where both the employer and candidate are in a position to accept or reject. This has swelled the importance of candidate experience. And when you are on a lookout for a C-level executive, the significance grows even higher. Today, talented candidates find themselves with a plethora of options, which subsequently has resulted in candidates being picky about their opportunities and started considering things other than the payroll while deciding which offer to accept.

It is evident that companies today take good care and pay attention to proving a good experience to candidates. However, the question remains, what further innovative measures can be employed to improve the hiring process along with identifying and hiring the best talents in the market. 
Below outlined are four must-do practices:

Restructure your job description to make it crisp and appropriate

The first step of the recruitment process is putting out the job description, and it is also the starting point of the candidate experience.  Many candidates complain that the job descriptions provided by the companies were either too vague (not giving much information) or are too lengthy, both of which are equally frustrating. Therefore, focus on putting crisp and appropriate information in the job description, which might include the job profile, core responsibilities, location and little about the company and its values. The rest can be addressed during conversations.

Streamline your application process

Your application process must be clear and non-fussy. Get rid of everything that even remotely makes the process lengthy and frustrating. For instance, the long forms asking the details that are already mentioned in the resumes is a common thing that not only makes the application process wearisome but also exudes a negative candidate experience.

Communicate with the applicants

Frequent and quick communication with applicants immensely helps in establishing positive candidate experience. With the presently available tools and technology, it has become easier to keep the communication going. The hiring managers must set an automated email for people applying or sending cover letters while the prospects above that stage must be sent direct mails without delays.  Also, at whichever stage an applicant is signed off, a response is a must!

Breaking the Ice is very important!

The hiring process for everyone, even candidates for C-suite roles, can prove to be a very anxious period. Therefore, the employers must employ practices that can provide a comfortable environment for the candidates. This may include ice breaking activities like a tour of the office or an introduction to the team members. Such activities not just make the candidates feel comfortable but are also an excellent opportunity for exhibiting the company’s work culture.

Today’s hiring landscape does not allow you to bargain with candidate experience; it is something that you must actively work on to get the best talent on board. Streamline your hiring processes with the above mentioned parameters and facilitate competent hiring practices for your organization.


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