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Best Practices in Executive Search

Author: Mark Firth/Monday, December 16, 2019/Categories: Blogs

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Talent is the most important factor in order to run a successful organization. This is the sole reason why effective talent acquisition becomes extremely important. Focus is the major difference between acquiring talent and simply recruiting. Recruiting is just about here and now, whereas Talent Acquisition takes a long-term view, which means that everything, right from skills to future development to cultural fit is considered before the final offer is made. Therefore, to streamline the entire talent acquisition process, many organizations choose to partner with executive search firms to help them find the best talent.

So, how do executive search firms ensure that they play a fair game, by acquiring the kind of talent their partner organization is looking to hire rather than simply getting someone into an open position to do the job?

Today's complex business atmosphere demands that businesses always work to the highest professional and ethical standards and establish trust by being honest and responsible. And just like any other business, ethics are extremely important in executive search firms as well.

Ethical practices help not only to maintain a great reputation but also mitigate significant financial and legal issues.

In order to be successful at executive search, one must follow certain ground rules:

a. Confidentiality – There is a lot of information that’s shared between a candidate and the executive search firm. One should never pass on the information without authorization from the candidate as it can create a very negative impression on the potential candidate’s mind regarding the business practices if the executive search firm.

b. Integrity – The executive search business must be conducted with integrity at all times which means no deceptive and misleading practices.

c. Loyalty – One must stay loyal to one’s partner organizations and protect their interests.

d. Competence – Staff must be competent and dedicated to find the best fit.

e. Validated search processes – There shouldn’t be any shortcuts in the entire hiring process as a bad hire can cost twice as much. Candidate evaluation is an important step in the entire process. One should never push the candidates for interviews with the organizations without screening assessment and due diligence.

f. Disclosures and waivers – All disclosures and waivers must be in place so that there is no conflict of interest.

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