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Attention Employers - Are You Making These Hiring Mistakes?

Author: SuperUser Account/Tuesday, September 4, 2018/Categories: Blogs

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With respect to the current market scenario, hiring C-level executives has become a daunting task. With the best talent being courted by every other company, candidates find themselves rich in choices and opportunities. Having competent individuals for such coveted positions is a proven way of success for companies, while on the other hand closing a single C-level search takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, it is crucial that mistakes are not made while recruiting a member of the C-suite.

Stated below are four common mistakes that employers generally make while hiring C-level executives:

Sticking to the rudimentary ways instead of moving beyond the traditional means

Hiring a C-level executive is not just about checking all the boxes. Simply conducting a test and a subsequent interview is not the adequate way to hire a C-level executive. It needs a more interpersonal approach that helps in identifying the right person for the position. Engaging with the candidate on both personal and professional level is important and selling the company values and core work to them is equally significant. It helps both, recruiter and the candidate in making a sound decision. Digital tools and technologies have exposed us to a number of new ways to evaluate potential and skills that are hard to spot on paper, such as problem-solving, interpersonal skill, and job readiness. For example, video interviews allow a headhunter to evaluate characteristics like, body language, sense of humour and manner of speaking, which cannot be detected via a cover letter. Also, digital technologies enable hiring of passive candidates is through social media. For example, one can look for executives who demonstrate expertise or thought leadership in their field and pitch a job to them, which they might even not have heard or known about.

Keep hunting for that perfect candidate

When the recruitment process starts, the recruiters realise there is an abundance of candidates looking for aspiring opportunities. Every recruiter is looking to hire the perfect candidate who can steer the company towards success. Since C-level positions are extremely vital, sometimes the more experienced candidates may not share the same enthusiasm and motivation towards the position due to their prior involvement in similar roles. While, on the other hand, younger talent can prove to be not just a profiting bet but also that they showcase the zeal to prove themselves when presented with an opportunity. It would be imprudent for an organisation to spend months looking for the perfect candidate when there are exceptionally qualified, smart and capable people available. Companies need leaders who can think creatively and solve problems on the go. A smart person can always figure out how to do the right thing, even if he is from a different function or industry or is much younger for the role by the norms.

Not giving importance to HR tech

While the growth of technology has revamped every other field, the human resources function still awaits its turn. There are countless technologies in the market that are designed to help HR managers in making better organizational and hiring decisions. These tools are highly efficient and can be streamlined with accordance to the different working styles of organizations, along with customizations, to facilitate hiring needs.

Not dismissing the person when it must be done

A wrong person in the organization is akin to a sick fish in a pond; both tend to create detrimental effect overall. A ‘bad hire’ is worse than ‘no hire’. If at any stage you realise that you might have hired the wrong person, could be a cultural misfit or an underperformer, do not hesitate to take action, even if it a hard step of asking the person to leave. Because a lot of time and expenses are consumed in hiring, organisations often try and take remedial action. Remedial action could range from mentoring or coaching with an opportunity to get better.

In other cases, they often wait until they find a replacement. Both these maneuvers have proved faulty, and fetch no rewards. Remove the elements that obstruct growth and inflate negativity in the organization.  

In order to avoid these mistakes, many organizations partner with an experienced executive search firm like The Taplow Group to find the candidates they want. Our executive experts match top talent to companies seeking effective, experienced and dynamic leaders. If you have an important position that you need to fill, please get in touch.


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