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Artificial intelligence – THE GAME CHANGER FOR executive search

Author:, September 29, 2021/Categories: Blogs

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The Taplow Group, a Global Executive Search Firm, has taken AI to help with leadership searches to assess the applicant's suitability for the management team of the recruiting company.

"The importance of work comfort in productivity is increasing. The values of the company and the applicant must be met in order for the applicant to remain employed by the company. We found a method to anticipate how well the candidate would enjoy working with the company," says Timo Jäntti, Chairman of the Board of Taplow Finland.

The company is now utilizing Team scope’s solution as part of executive searches. The company's management team conducts an approximately 25-minute test to determine their personality type, values, and style of operation. The results are reviewed with a direct search consultant. They help you assess how the dynamics of the management teamwork and what kind of new expertise is needed for the team to go further in the right direction.

At the end of the leadership recruitment process, the top candidates fill out the same survey. "Artificial intelligence simulates how each candidate fits into the management team. This helps to differentiate between applicants with a very similar profile from the perspective of substance expertise," says Timo Jäntti.

The Taplow Group has also used the method with M&A clients. The management teams of both the buyer company and the purchase target can be assessed using the test and the best possible management team can be built in the merged company. Venture capitalists have also used Taplow's service to assess the management of the target company.

Until now, the candidate's suitability for culture was being assessed in meetings with a direct search consultant.

"Experienced direct search consultants are able to make civilized guesses by meeting people, but artificial intelligence brings data to support decision-making," says Timo Jäntti.

The direct search industry is changing; Timo Jäntti believes that artificial intelligence will change the direct search industry in the next few years. "Technology is able to play a more significant role, and we find processes that can be fully automated." In mass recruitments, artificial intelligence has been utilized for a long time. For example, direct search consultants use a lot of different word searches when looking for suitable candidates for different tasks.

"The work of direct search consultants will not stop in the next few years, but in a few years' the situation may look different. We want to be at the forefront of technological development." According to Timo Jäntti, job search has clearly become professional over the past few years. Applicants' CVs are increasingly appealing as they are skillfully made, and direct search companies also educate people about personal branding.

"For example, we have trained Aalto University alumni on how to get on to the lists of direct search consultants." Timo Jäntti says that the starting point for getting on the head-hunter list is, of course, that you do your job well, but it is also important that your own expertise is expressed in the right terms, whether it is on LinkedIn or in interviews with the media or any other platform for that matter.

"When a direct search is more data-controlled, certain keywords are required to get on the lists. Many people know this, and that partly complicates our work. That's why we need new technology." According to Timo Jäntti, it is now easy for a direct search consultant to find people but separating really good applicants from those who just claim to be good is more difficult. "We used to look for a needle in a haystack, and it was found when we introduced a bigger magnet." he says.

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