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Artificial Intelligence - The Game Changer for Executive Search?

Author: SuperUser Account/Saturday, August 18, 2018/Categories: Blogs

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According to Harvard Business Review, every year more businesses are incorporating AI into their processes. Its relevance in IT and anticipating sales is well known. What is less known is how it can be leveraged to improve other fields. Recruitment is one such field that stands to be upgraded by the introduction of AI, but again only some aspects of it.

Take talent acquisition and retention for example, which is necessary for the continued success of any organization. AI can help you do some bit of the basic research basis some clear cut parameters, which we also call the “hygiene factors”; Industry relevant experience, years of experience, designation, age, educational qualifications and others. 

Another aspect where an organization can use AI to find their next top performer, is by using data on those who are currently working for them. It does so by listing hygiene factors of the current employees, which then can help identify similar viable candidates for them.

For example, what the recruiters and hiring managers can start doing is gather profiles, performance reviews, or any information at all about the highly successful people that already work for them and plug that into an algorithm to figure out what their organization is looking for. This would lead to an increase in the efficiency of the hiring process.

There are varied views on whether AI can also improve candidate engagement, by possibly offering a better experience which could help to boost a company’s brand position. We at The Taplow Group feel that the human connect with candidates, the process of being their guide and analyst, and the human touch to the assessment and evaluation process can’t be taken over by machines, just not yet! :)

From an organizations perspective, aside from this, AI can also help onboard new hires. AI systems can answer queries both complex and simple. So, whether employees need to know where the conference room is or how to sign up for health insurance, all they need to do is access a digital resource. This frees up managers to “connect with a new hire in more meaningful ways”.

At The Taplow Group, it is our constant endeavor to help improve talent acquisition efficiency and effectiveness for our partners. When organizations need new talent, they approach us to help them find the right people for the job. We focus on the right indicators while sourcing candidates, screening them across different interviews and eventually picking the right candidates to fill the position. We agree that AI can make recruiting smarter. However, there are certain things that only a human mind can comprehend, like emotions and creativity.


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