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Are your candidates ghosting you? Top 5 Reasons For Ghosting

Author:, July 11, 2022/Categories: Blogs

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Ghosting is not a new term however ghosting by candidates in the recruitment landscape is increasing at an alarming rate – 28% of candidates ghosted their recruiters in 2021 as compared to 19% in 2020, and a mere 4% mentioned pandemic as the reason. So why do candidates ghost recruiters?

Another job offer

Majority of the candidates ghost in case they have received another job offer, an offer with better compensation and perks. The ball is in the court of the candidates in an employee-driven job market.

Poor communication

Have you made your candidates wait for long to get replies from you? It might have been that you were waiting for interview feedback or simply got things delayed – whatever the case if you fail to communicate on time, you cannot expect them to wait for you forever.

Long hiring process

A lot of organizations have lengthy hiring processes, and candidates lose interest and end up ghosting the process. If you do not respect your candidates’ time, then they would not bother to stick with you.

Not the right job

A lot of times candidates realize that they are not interviewing for the right job. They find ghosting easier than communicating the actual reason.

Previous experience

What goes around comes around – almost 80% of candidates have been ghosted by some recruiter or other during their professional life. They just feel it is right to give it back.

Focus on the candidate experience, be open and prompt with your communication, and speed up the process so that you do not lose any more candidates.

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