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AI and Executive Search

Author:, January 5, 2022/Categories: Blogs

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The candidate market is becoming more and more challenging by the day and traditional methodologies no longer are sufficient to find the right fit. AI is revolutionizing candidate search and is contributing significantly towards bettering search outcomes. Traditional Executive Search process lacks accelerators, and this is where AI saves the day by using big data to narrow down the search process, mapping the right profile and accordingly finding the best possible candidate.

AI in recruitment can be useful every step of the way, be it to scan resumes or vetting potential candidates. AI also increases the chances of finding the right candidate and ensures prior candidates are re-engaged in roles they can truly grow in. AI Executive search also has an added advantage over traditional methods wherein it tends to find passive candidates that would’ve been ignored otherwise.

Even though recruiters now have access to a lot more data, AI has helped make the search process more niche. The best and most useful feature of AI perhaps is its ability to reach the right candidate in the least amount of time. Online activity and digital communication play a key role in helping achieve this. AI studies digital footprints and ensures we reach relevant and interested candidates that possess the desirable skillset.

Experts are claiming that AI has created a major disruption as it has majorly reduced manual labor and more importantly removed the human bias involved in the process. It has also contributed towards data being far more accessible, relevant, and streamlined. However, Artificial Intelligence is highly unlikely to ever replace certain interactions that are possible only with a human touch, like the rapport search executives build with candidates, the ability to see a candidate’s potential beyond what is mentioned on the resume, judging cultural fit and interpersonal skills and above all convincing a candidate to accept the role.

So, the best option is to combine both and put their advantages to the best use possible.

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