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Acing CSAT Scores

Author: SuperUser Account/Wednesday, January 30, 2019/Categories: Blogs

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The past year was excellent for us. In practice, we doubled our turnover and integrated one competitor into our operations in Finland and got competent people organized inside the house. And besides, we just got the results from our Customer Satisfaction Survey.

NPS (Net Promoter Score) is a good way to measure Customer Satisfaction (the link below is one way telling what it is about) and our past year performance was valued at 85 and the figure is “absolutely ridiculous".

Our Customers considered the most important elements to be:

1)    Speed: ability to react, act and produce results. When the assignment starts, the sleeves of several people are wrapped up immediately and not next week. The executive search is teamwork at its best. Not just between the Customer and us but maximizing and focusing our internal resources for the process to move forward and deliver.

2)    Process: Despite the fast pace, a well-designed, well-established and well-respected process keeps error margins small. Different stages optimized, calendar times are blocked in advance and GDPR is running smoothly as part of the routine. Professionalism is visible at every stage.

3)    Communication: Communication can never be underestimated, and our way of planned, frequent communication gets recommendations as well as the progress of the steps and the management of possible deviations through the line.

Special thanks go to our team, whose professionalism and uncompromising attitude is reflected in the execution of assignments in a way that our customers clearly appreciate.

Next, let's get out of the Candidate Satisfaction Survey, so we hear how we have been able to take care of our candidates.

Timo Jantti

Partner, The Taplow Group - Finland


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